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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Releases & Fresh Stocks - October

Murray's Best Extra Porter $5.70
Murray's 2IPA $5.70
Nail Brewing Stout $4.20
Red Duck Amber Ale $3.50
Red Duck Pale Ale $3.50
Red Duck Porter $4.00
Red Hill Weizenbock $5.50

Eisenbahn Bier Liquor $35.00
Eisenbahn Pale Ale $6.00
Eisenbahn Lust $29.00
Eisenbahn Dunkel $6.00
Eisenbahn Kolsch $6.00
Eisenbahn Organica $7.00
Eisenbahn Pils $6.00
Eisenbahn Rauch $7.00
Eisenbahn Strong Golden Ale $7.00
Eisenbahn Weizen $6.00
Eisenbahn Weizenbock $7.00

Unibroue "17" $20.00

New Zealand
Moa Five Spice $7.00
Moa St Josephs Tripel $9.00


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beer News - New Discount Structure at Slow Beer


Not really news but I thought it was worthwhile making everybody aware that we now offer 10% off for any purchase of 12 or more single bottles.

This discount structure further ensures Cloudwine / Slow Beer is by far the cheapest place in the country for high end and micro beers but hey, if you see the beer cheaper elsewhere let us know quick-smart!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Red Hill Seasonal - Bohemian Pilsner

Its that time again, Red Hill are releasing another small-batch seasonal brew. This time they have opted for a classic. But don't think this will be another dime a dozen lager. Their Bohemian Pilsner is unfiltered and dry hopped.

"Based on the classic style of lager first brewed in the town of Pilsen in Bohemia (now Czech Republic), this is an unfiltered, yet clean & balanced beer. A generous malt character imparts a slight sweetness which is balanced by potent hop bitterness, achieved by 3 hefty additions of hop flowers in the boil. A long and cold fermentation period followed when plenty of hop flowers were steeped in the conditioning tanks with the beer for a further 6 weeks creating a floral and spicy aroma. Golden in colour with a dense white head, you will be left with the hoporific effect of having the corners of your mouth go up!

Please note that we have less than one batch available for wholesale and it will be around only during November."

Stock will be hitting shelves latter this week. Be quick or be dissapointed!!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Tim Taylor "Landlord" (16/20)
Just as I remember it and undoubtedly a classic of the genre. Nose shows some fruit but mostly about a mineral, musky chalky edge. Palate shows amazing minerals and a smokey slate character. The latter can often be found in high end dry Mosel riesling from Germany. Wonderful beer.

Silly Saison (12/20)
Maroon in colour with a thin head. Nose is fruity with a cooked / sugary malt feel, and faint spices at best. Doesn’t scream saison. Very easy going to taste, perhaps reflecting the 5.2%. Cooked sugars and malts pop up again although strictly a light touch. A touch of sarsparella (spelling?) in the back palate as well.

Feral White (10/20)
Fairly ho-hum stuff and not really up to the standard that I assume this mob pumps out. It is however brewed at AIB so maybe this explains why this beer is a fairly mundane wit. Fizzy, lager-like body with soft spice character and some wheat malt coming through. Dry finish. Hard to recommend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Pelican "Doryman's" Dark Ale (15/20)
Very much a new world / US take on a dark ale but I guess this would clearly qualify as an American Brown Ale given the relatively significant hop impact. This is very evident through the aromas very early through very lifted sweet hops and fruit. Super delicious and reminds me a lot of the 20 or so Rogue beers I sampled recently. Palate is a touch more restrained but the basic profile of flavours promised on the nose come up again. If anything the flavours do tail off a little as the fruitiness drys out. Regardless, a really good beer.

Rogue "Imperial" Pilsner (15/20)
The Imperial Pilsner reference may not be completely spot on as I can't find a reference on Rate Beer or Beer Advocate, but time will soon tell as I have bought a case! Crazy nose of sweet pilsner citrus fruits. Lots of candy floss here as well. More fruit early in the palate, then a wave of hops, and then a further wave of bitterness. Finishes just a touch rough, but certainly packs a punch!

Rogue "Imperial" Red Ale (13/20)
Big lift on the nose of sweet cooked fruit. Good balance throughout. Spices pop up mid-palate before burnt fruits drive an ok finish.

Rogue "Imperial" Stout (13/20)
Big, heavy, bitter. Loads of dark chocolate. Lots of drive and weight. Very bitter finish. Too much to handle for me.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Murray's Icon2IPA 2008 (16/20)
I’d been hanging for this release for some time, following last years great effort. Poured deep golden amber with a substantial off white to tan coloured head. Aromas are absolutely dominated by resiny hops, i could smell this all day! Also shows some spiced caramel. Palate is much of the same, seems to lack the sweet malt stonefruit characters (not necessarily a bad thing) common in other similar aussie offerings, which tells me that this could benefit from cellaring. Finish is again dominated by spicy resin hops with long lingering bitterness. Not quite what i expected but excellent nonetheless. Seems to show greater balance than other examples. Might put a few away and re-visit in 9-12 months.

Jamieosn Beast IPA (15/20)
I’ve probably had this about a thousand times but never bothered writing up one of my favourites! Pours murky amber with significant tan coloured head that persists. Aromas are dominated by resin hops and sweeet malt that brings caramel and apricot - could smell it all day! Palate is full bodied, sweet malt carries spiced caramel and dried apricot while the onset of spicey resin hops cleanse the palate. Hop presence is intense, but doesn’t become excessive or aggressively bitter.

Rogue Imperial IPA (17/20)
After sampling some 20 of the previous rogue ales, common traits among all tell me that this will be the standout. Pours hazy golden orange with substantial off white head. Nose displays abundant sweet malt, apricot and grapefruit notes accompany. Also shows big resin hop notes and spiced caramel. Palate is mirror image! Sweet apricot, big pine hop notes and significant hop spice drive a long bitter finish, with enough sweet malt to support. Great balance dispite the giddy alcohol level!


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Exciting New Releases

As has been previously mentioned, Rogue ales are due to hit our shelves in a few weeks.
Until then hop heads can take solace in the fact that Murray's spring seasonal Icon2IPA is due for release and will no doubt fill the void.
Additionally, Red Duck are set to release a Strong Dark Belgian Ale. Weighing in at 10.5%abv the '4 Ducks' Ale should be a cracker and perhaps one for the cellar.

Rogues are due around the 20th Oct, while Murrays Icon2IPA and 4 Ducks are due in the next week or so. Be quick as both items are small batch releases!

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