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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cellar Notes - Coopers Vintage Ale

Vintage: 2008
Consumed: April 2009

I'm back on board. Didn't blow me away like the first time I tried time beer (the 2004 as a youngster) but very solid and I might have to re-weight my view, particularly given the relatively large volumes in which this is made. A bit lighter in colour than the 2004, more in the browny orangey apricot spectrum. Nose shows sweet malts and toffee; Beligian for mine. Palate is light, at least to my tastes, for a 7.5%er but certainly well built. More toffee and malt to taste, along with some bitter malts in the back palate. Might need a little more punch but the palate structure is very good.

Vintage: 2004
Consumed: August 2006
Impressive pour – big creamy head, quite thick, settles to leave a classic flat white coffee layer of thin creamy froath. Chunky lacing. Light brown / tan in colour, dirty texture, small floaties. Belgium strong ale nose with meaty yeasts and malts, some chocolate, quite powerful, certaintly giving the impression of higher alcohol than the quoted 7.5%. Very balanced to taste although the weight of flavours is a touch subdued, relative to the nose, and tails a little on the finish. More classic Belgian malty notes, again a touch chocolately, but just a little too elegant and perhaps dilutive for the style. I’m certain this beer was looking better 6 months ago although its still a very acceptable drink.

2004 Vintage / Tasted November 2004 (17/20)
Cloudy caramel / tan in the glass. Not much going on in the nose, quite restrained. Impressive flavour and mouthfeel. Full of character, and almost has an extracted red wine taste with roasted malty notes and licorice touches, Definately has some sweet touches but heaps of polish and in context, Carries its 7.5% easily. Best beer I’ve had in months.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Another day, another HUGE craft beer release. This time we are proud to bring you another of Scandinavia's finest!

NOGNE-O hail from Norway & are regarded as one of the world's best craft breweries. Like many craft brewers they aim to challenge drinkers by producing creative, full-flavoured brews.

Check them out at

Cloudwine will be getting the following Nonge-O beers:

Havre Stout
Imperial Brown
God Paske (Easter)
God Jul (Winter)
Double IPA - Yoho collaboration (Japan)
Imperial Stout
Sahti - Dugges collaboration (Sweden)
Dark Horizon #2 - LIMITED STOCKS!!

Note that pricing ranges from $12-$17 for all 500ml bottles. Excluding Dark Horizon, which is approx $65-70 for 500ml bottle individually numbered and packaged.

We expect them to arrive in-stores early next week & are taking pre-orders now!

If you wish to pre-order any of the nogne o beers email:


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chocolate...Beer for Easter

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter
Pours black with slight brown highlights at rim and a substantial tan coloured head. Nose is multidimensional! Dry cocoa powder, sweet dark fruit and resiny hops. Palate shows malt sweetness early before chocolate and coffee roast come into play. Finishes with substantial resiny hop bitterness. Carbonation is relatively soft, and palate weight is spot on for a porter. This is an awesome brew!

Rogue Chocolate Stout
Pours dark dark brown with substanital dark tan coloured head. Aromas of dry coco and vanilla dominate. Palate is rich and viscous with hazelnut, chocolate and some dry coffee roast. Caramel/honeycombe malt supports well to make way for a roasty, bitter finish.

Holgate Temptress Chocolate Porter
Delivers a dark body with a medium tan coloured head. Nose is dominated by milk chocolate and hazelnut with some roasted malt presence. Mouth feel is perfect for a porter, not viscous like a stout, but fuller enough to accompany a rich dessert. Again more choc-hazelnut with a hint of caramel, highly kilned malt delivers a bittersweet finish.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cellar Notes - 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze

April 2005 Bottling / Tasted March 2009
Softer palate structure than I expected but still very good. Good sour fruits right through the palate but doesn’t really stray into the intense territory. Good grapey notes as well and finishes with some minerals and pepper. Stil some years to go yet.

Dec 2004 Bottling / Tasted October 2006
Dark in colour for the style; kinda dirty orange. Thin head with decent density. Shows a lot of power with classic sour fruits and bitting acidity but well balanced and very drinkable at the same time. Persistent citrus drive on the finish.
(e.5.0 @ ’t Brugs Beertje).


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