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Monday, October 08, 2007

New Releases & Fresh Stocks - Early October

Bridge Road Biere de Garde $11.50
Murray's Grand Cru $17.00
Murray's 2IPA $17.00
Red Duck Golden Dragon $4.90
Red Hill Temptation $5.00
Temple Saison $3.40

Karmeliet Tripel $7.00
Kwak $5.80
Lucifer $7.00

Unibroue La Fin du Monde 355ml $6.50
Unibroue Raftman 341ml $5.00
Unibroue Apple Ephemere 355ml $5.00
Unibroue Fringante 750ml $18.00
Unibroue Gold Medal Carton $43.00

Erdinger Oktoberfest $4.70


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Releases - Murrays!! (Finally)


Finally got confirmation that both the ICON 2IPA and Grand Cru will hit our shelves Thursday or Friday. Both beers will be priced at $17 per bottle. I'll post tasting notes as soon as possible. We purchased ~100 bottles of each so shouldn't be any problems re availability.



Monday, October 01, 2007

Beer News - New Red Hill Release

Hot off the press.....

Red Hill's own version of a Belgian Strong Golden Ale has just been launched. A style of beer developed and made famous by 'Duvel' it is renowned for being "the devil's brew", at 8% it's pure evil and impossible to resist. Beautifully golden in colour and with a smooth deceptive softness our Temptation is no exception.

It has intense flavours & depth, fruity, spicy and very dry. It is high in carbonation with champagne like bubbles and a luxuriant big white foamy head. Goblets & Pint glasses available.

Will be in store mid week...prices not yet known.


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