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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unexpected Cellaring Surprise

Two 'old' beers caught me by complete surprise recently; Mountain Goat's 'Old Surefoot' Stout and Young's venerable Double Chocolate Stout. The MG was a 2003 vintage, released after 12 months bottle age in a 660ml bottle, whilst the Young's was simple out of date stock I picked off the shelf to make way for new stock.

Mountain Goat 'Old Surefoot' Stout
Vintage: 2003
Consumed: Oct 2009

Flat out impressive. This is now 6 years old and shows much more appeal when compared to release as a 1 year old. Soft structure and carbination gives the age away a little but a very well defined milk chocolate shines though very strong and gives heaps if immediate appeal. Must have exceeded all expectations, even those of the brewer.

Young's Double Chocolate Stout
Best Before: June 2008
Consumed: Oct 2009

Nothing lost on fresh bottles to my tastes. Plenty of roast and chocolate on the nose; remarkably fresh. More settled and dry in the palate as the mildly tannic roast takes hold. Good presence and length. Not particularly chocolately but the fresh bottles aren't either.


Monday, October 26, 2009


In typical fashion Slowbeer will be hosting a tasting this Friday evening from 5-7pm. Last weeks was a huge success & we think this week will be even bigger!

Unfortunately brewer Ben can't make the night, however John will be present to walk us through a number of beers in the range.

Bridge Rd Brewers beers on tasting include:
- Aussie Ale
- Beechworth Pale Ale
- Celtic Red Ale
- Bling IPA
- Chevalier Saison
- Limited Edition Anniversary Oak Aged Imperial Porter

As is the norm, Slowbeer tastings are rather informal so swing by for beer/s & a chat. You won't be disappointed!


Monday, October 19, 2009

New jamieson raspberry ale ad campaign too risque?

Came across this the other day:,,26213053-5006343,00.html

I've been a huge fan of their Beast IPA label for some time & was wondering when the rest of the range would come in line with some interesting new labeling, though perhaps this is a little to far?

With the ever increasing goverment restrictions on alcohol consumption/advertisng etc i can't see how they didnt predict a backlash. Poor taste or exceptionally clever marketing?

Regardless, i'm a big fan of what Jamieson have to offer & admit i did have a chuckle when I first heard/saw it. Finally aussie craft beer has some attitude!


Friday, October 16, 2009


Its been a huge few days at Slowbeer with the new arrivals coming through the door thick & fast!

Since opening a few weeks ago the response has been great & the beer is literally flying off the shelves. So much so that we have stocked up on some old favorites as well as a heap of new releases.


Great Divide Hercules DIPA $10.00 (355ml)
Great Divide Belgica Belgian IPA $7.00 (355ml)

De Molen Rasputin Imperial Stout $29.00 (750ml)
De Molen Bommen & Granaten Barley Wine $41.00 (750ml)
Christoffel Blond $7.00 (330ml)
Christoffel Nobel Belgian IPA $9.50 (330ml)

Cantillon St Lamvinus - Oak aged lambic fermented with merlot grapes $28.00 (750ml)
Catillon Lou Pepe Framboise $28.00 (750ml)
Rochefort 8 $8.50 (330ml)
Rochefort 10 $9.50 (330ml)
St Bernardus Abt12 $8.50 (330ml)
St Bernardus Kerst Christmas Ale 18.00 (750ml)
De Ranke XX Bitter $7.00 (330ml)
De Ranke Guldenberg $7.50 (330ml)
Boon Gueze Mariage Parfait $11.00 (375ml)
La Chouffe Nice $19.00 (750ml)
Floreffe Dubbel $6.00 (330ml)
Floreffe Tripel $7.50 (330ml)
Floreffe Prima Meilleure $7.50 (330ml)
De Proef Slaapmutske Tripel $7.50 (330ml)
Lindemans Kriek Cuve Rene $13.00 (750ml)
Lindemans Faro $7.00 (375ml)

All of the above beers are from world renowned breweries & we expect stock of the above beers to disappear rather quickly. To save disappointment pop in-store over the weekend or alternatively place an order online or with

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