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Friday, March 27, 2009

New Releases & Fresh Stocks

Fresh stocks from some of our crafty locals.

Bridge Rd
Bling IPA $4.40/$23.90
Celtic Red $3.90/$21.00
Beechworth Pale $3.90/$21.00
Chevalier Saison $13.50
Chevalier Bier de Garde $13.50
Chevalier Dunkel $13.50

Beast IPA $4.00/$21.50
Pale Ale $3.50/$19.00
Mountain Ale $3.50/$19.00
Brown Ale $3.50/$19.00
Raspberry Ale $3.50/$19.00

Red Duck
Queen Bee Honey Porter $4.50/$16.20
Golden Dragon Celtic Red $4.50/$16.20
Unfiltered Porter $4.00/$21.50
Amber Ale $3.50/$19.00
Pale Ale $3.50/$19.00

Red Oak
Blackberry Hefewiezen $5.00
Belgian Chocolate Stout $5.00
Christmas Cheer $4.50
Wee Heavy $4.50


Monday, March 23, 2009

Cellar Notes - Redoak Baltic Porter

Bottling: 2006 Vintage
Tasted: February 2009 (16/20)

Not as dark as the 2004 when drunk young. Much lighter brown, perhaps almost cola-like in appearance. The effects of age? Nose shows a fair bit; vegemite, varnishy burnt fruits, but there is certainly a salty / olive kick that doesn’t really sit comfortably. Flavours pack a real punch but the beer finishes surprisingly light (in terms of weight). Light chocolate, fruit cake, tangy ’fruit tingles’, hints of yeasty vegemite. All in all still looking pretty good, and probably the best aged local beer I’ve had.

Bottling: 2004 Vintage
Tasted: October 2005 (17/20)

Jet black in the glass with a thin coffee coloured head. Nose is relatively tight with darks malts and a touch of soy. Steps up a gear or 3 on the palate; big, rich malts, more soy, some chocolate and roast. Very good complexity. Well underpinned with an appropriate level of fizz, preventing what wouls surely otherwise be a cloying beer. As per all the comments below this must be a very strong contender for Australia’s best beer (IMHO no contest) but at $14 it bloody well should be. Although perhaps different in style this reminded me of a Stone Russian Imperial or a North Pacific Old Rasputin.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mikkeller are here!

Mikkeller have landed! Yesterday to be exact.

Pre-orders are packed and ready to go. If you didn't place one, best be quick as they won't stick around for long!

Just in case you needed an extra incentive to pop by, we also received the following:

- O'Hanlon's Original Port Stout $8
- O'Hanlon's Thomas Hardy's Ale 2008 $14
- Orkney Skullsplitter $7
- Merryman's Old Fart $8
- Brewdog Tokyo $12 (Oak Aged Imperial Stout infused with Jasmine & Cranberry)
- Brewdog Paradox $13 (Islay Whisky cask aged imperial stout)
- Brewdog Punk IPA $5 (new low price!)
- Brewdog Physics Amber$5
- Brewdog Cult Lager $5
- Okocim Porter $6 (Traditional Baltic Porter)


Monday, March 02, 2009

Mikkeller Pre-orders

Mikkeller pre-orders are now being taken!

We are awaiting delivery of the following:

- Single Hop Simcoe IPA 330ml $10
- Its Alight! 330ml $9
- All Others Pale 500ml $15- Stateside IPA 500ml $16
- Jackie Brown 500ml $16
- Big Worse 375ml $19
- Black Hole 375ml $20
- Black 375ml $23
- Not Just Another Wit 750ml $30
- Draft Bear 750ml $32
- Fra Til 750ml $32
- Monks Elixir 750ml $34
- Stone - Alesmith - Mikkeller (Co-op) 355ml $17

- Hvedegoop (Co-op with Three Floyds - US) 650ml $42

If you wish to place a pre-order please email

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Recent Tasting Notes

Wicked Elf Mad Abbot (13/20)
Pours hazy red/amber with a substantial off white coloured head. Aromas are quite expressive. Raisin notes dominate with some peach and apricot hiding in the background, fruity esters evident. Palate shows sweet caramel malt with late onset of abv spice and fruity esters. Sweetness lingers feint in the finish. Minimal hop presence. Has BB of 2013, obviously the brewery expects it to cellar well...

St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout (15/20)
Pours jet balck with a huge choc orange coloured head. Aromas of dry coffee roast and dark bitter chocolate with some hinting honeycombe. Palate is almost a mirror image. Some nice, slightly sweet malt coming through the mid palate before dark roast drives a long finish. Has a slight oatmeal tang on the finish. Really well balanced.

Holgate 'Big Red' Vienna Lager (13/20)
Pours red brown with a small beige coloured head. Aromas of honey & sweet caramel malt present. Palate is much the same, some initial sweetness before darker roasted malts come into play, albeit rather mild. Soft carbonation & low bitterness make it spot on for style.


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