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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Orkney Dark Island Reserve (SCO)
10% abv 750ml $45.00
From arguably one of Scotland’s most famed breweries, the dark island reserve is brewed as a limited release of only 1,500 bottles. In terms of style, this beer is almost a hybrid of a porter & barley wine but perhaps more fittingly named a strong ale. Aged in old Dalmore whisky casks for 3 months enables this ale to develop excellent depth & complexity. Rich & viscous in body displaying smoke & peated malt characters as well as rich coffee & chocolate notes from the roasted malt. Raisin & prune like fruity esters add to the already multifaceted palate. Certainly one of the worlds best brews & has excellent cellaring potential. Its certainly quite apt that this beer is one of the original whisky cask aged beers, having had many more modern examples, they simply don’t compare to the balance, complexity & depth this one has! (Limited stocks!)

Worthington’ White Shield (ENG)
5.6% abv 500ml $8.00
Very glad to see this back in Oz after quite a long absence & thought to be one of the original & still most authentic English IPAs around. While these days every craft brewer & their dog are producing an IPA of some form, most being the excessively robust US style. As far as the purists are concerned, the story goes a little like this: British Colonial troops in India wanting to reminisce about their favorite local tipples were having a hard time doing so, as brews shipped to them from the mother country often arrived with them in less than ideal condition. Thus, English brewers would produce a much more robust version of their staple pale ales for export to Colonial India. Traditionally hops were employed in beer as a preservative, so in a bid to ensure the beer stayed fresh plenty more hops were used, creating a considerably hoppier pale ale, now termed India Pale Ale.

This one pours clear amber/copper with a nice foamy white head. Nose is typically English, marmalade & caramel/toffee malt with floral/grassy hops. Palate is rather creamy with a decent amount of carbonation. Caramel malt gives way to big grassy/earthy hop bitterness & maybe a touch sulfury, ala burton on trent ales. Pretty robust finish & easy to see why this is a classic English IPA.

To be honest, we don’t really intend to make a habit of offering these crazy deals. Reason being is that our prices are already among the best in the country. That said, its hard to resist great beer at a great price!

4.1% abv 500ml $7.50
So generally speaking english ales aren't quite my thing. However, I'm willing to make a huge concession for Landlord as it is near perfection! Coming in at an honest 4.1%abv this beer punches well above its weight. It possesses truck loads of complexity, while still being an easy drinking & refreshing brew. There is certainly plenty to think about but it doesn’t demand your attention. Subtle, yet rich caramel & toffee malt provide a good base for the delicate floral & spicy English hops that drive a long but unobtrusive finish. The hops are certainly there & have their presence felt but wont be punching you in the mouth like so many others!

Also, don’t forget our Nogne O 3+1 Deal as stock is fast dissapearing!

You’d be forgiven for thinking the fun never stops here at slowbeer. Its true, there is always something new arriving or something new in the pipeline & that’s the way we like it!

BREWDOG (SCO) – in the next few weeks we are expecting a number of new brewdog beers including the highly controversial (& expensive!) Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Others include: Tokyo* Version 2, Hardcore IPA & 5AM Saint

DIEU DU CIEL (CAN) - More than filling the void that Unibroue left in our broken hearts! Beers include: Peche Mortel , Aphrodisaque, Corne du Diable, Derniere Volante, Rose d’hibiscus & Route des espices
To know more:

HITACHINO NEST (JAP) - It may surprise you that Japan is becoming a huge market for craft beer, not just for US brews being imported into the land of the rising sun but also for local Japanese craft brewers. Beer include: Espresso Stout, XH, Celebration ale, Japanese Classic ale, Red Rice ale & White ale.
To know more:

Brains SA 500ml $7.50
Brains SA Gold 500ml $7.50
Brains Rev James 500ml $7.50
Brains Dark 500ml $7.50
Orkney Dark Island Reserve 750ml $45.00
Orkney Dark Island 500ml $9.00
Orkney Drangonhead Stout 500ml $9.00
Heather Ales Fraoch 330ml $4.50
Innis & Gun Original 330ml $6.50
Timothy Taylor Landlord Ale 500ml $7.50 (4 for $24)
Worthington White Shielf 500ml $8.00
Wadworth 6X 500ml $7.50
Davenport Keltic Whiskied 500ml $7.50
O’hanlon’s Port Stout 500ml $8.00
Greene King Suffolk Strong 500ml $7.50
Marstons Pedigree 500ml $8.00
Moorehouse Black Cat 500ml $8.50
Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout 500ml $8.00
Sam Smith Taddy Porter 500ml $8.00
Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale 500ml $8.00
Sam Smith Old Brewery Pale 500ml $8.00
Sam Smith India Ale 500ml $8.00
Fullers 1845 500ml $8.50
Fullers London Pride 500ml $8.00
Fullers ESB 500ml $8.00
Trois Monts 750ml $14.50
Westmalle Tripel 330ml $7.50
Karmelite Tripel 330ml $7.00
Gulden Draak 330ml $8.50
Hoegaarden Grand Cru 330ml $6.00

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Thursday, February 04, 2010


Relatively short post today, though this doesn’t mean it has been a slow news week. While we know we are forever saying ‘it has been a busy week’ this time we mean it more than ever! Reason being is that we are soon to be launching our Slowbeer2go concept!

For some this concept may be unknown, while others may be well aware of its prevalence in the US. In essence, Slowbeer will be offering selected beers, fresh from the keg...though not as you know it!

Slowbeer2go bottles are refillable vessels that can be filled with any particular fresh, draught beer that we have on offer at the time. Further, we will solely be offering beers that are both limited releases & not available in bottles. This enables you to enjoy super fresh, draught beer wherever you desire. Whether that be home or sharing with friends. Slowbeer2go bottles can be kept refrigerated & unopened for about a week or so & once opened about 24 hours. The idea is to enjoy it as fresh from the keg as possible, so we have a feeling the bottles wont be full for long!

As mentioned above, the practice is very popular with craft breweries in the US. Basically, you head to the brewery, purchase a brewery branded glass growler (that’s what they call them - usually about 2L) with which you then own. Anytime you visit the brewery, bring your growler to be filled with whatever draught beer you choose & take it home to be enjoyed. Easy right?!

We hope to have Slowbeer2go operational in the next couple of weeks, so rest assured we will alert everyone when the first keg is tapped!

While you may have noticed the previous fanfare surrounding the arrival of these & brilliant beers, no doubt some have been scared off by the price tag. While we truly believe these Norwegians are among the best craft brewers in the world, it is always going to be hard convincing people to give them a go. So with this in mind we are running a crazy Nogne O special.


So to help seal the deal, here are recent tasting notes of the excellent beer in question!
Nogne O Imperial Stout 500ml $16.00 - Pours oil black with a rust colored head. Nose has masses of dark choc/coffee malt as well as some sweeter molasses notes. Palate has full blown dark, bittersweet roast. There are undertones of choc fudge and sweeter caramel/molasses but the dark malt prevails. Finish is long with lingering bittersweet malt notes, amost bringing a slight tang. There is some residual sweetness that lingers also. Carbonation is low and mouth feel is quite full, but nothing too excessive. Would certainly be an excellent candidate for time in the cellar, that is of course provided you have the will power! Truly brilliant imperial stout!

Swing by over the weekend for a chat & be sure to pickup some Nogne O's before they disappear!

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