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Friday, July 01, 2011


Its here! Arguably the busiest week ever, with seemingly an endless amount of beers hitting the shelves at an almost uncontrollable rate, so much so that its best to get straight into it. Full details below.

Its back again, after an excellent showing last year, we are hoping to better those results but once again we need your help! We would very much appreciate you taking the time to vote for us. Whether you purchase in store or online please follow the link, choose CATEGORY 8 & show us your support!

3 Ravens Hell 500ml $7.50 – Munich style Helles lager, malty & slightly sweet with a dry, clean finish.
Cavalier Brown Ale 650ml $12.00 – US style brown ale, robust roasted malt with pronounced hop character.
Cavalier Pale Ale 650ml $12.00 – Brewed with Kiwi Nelson Sauvin hops, overtly fruity with grassy bitterness.
Cavalier Weizen 650ml $12.00 – German style hefeweizen, banana & clove yeast notes.
Feral Golden Ace 330ml $4.50 – Belgian style golden ale brewed with distinct & unique Sorachi Ace hops.
Mornington Peninsula Brown Ale 330ml $3.90 – English style, malty & rich with nut & caramel malt notes.
Mornington Peninsula Pale Ale 330ml $3.90 – US style, robust fruity hop character on nose & palate.
Mornington Peninsula Witbier 330ml $3.90 – Belgian style, brewed with orange peel & coriander seeds.
Mountain Goat Rare Breed Surefoot Stout 650ml $9.50 – Perennial winter favorite, slightly sweet style stout.
Murrays Shawns Fault IBA 330ml $8.00 – One of the country’s first black IPAs, dark malt with plenty of hops.
Red Hill Imperial Stout 330ml $7.50 – Back for another year, arguably the brewery’s most popular seasonal release.

Crouch Vale Amarillo 500ml $8.00 – English style pale ale with a twist, brewed with fruit driven US amarillo hops.
Dark Star Espresso Stout 500ml $7.50 – Light on the palate but full of bittersweet dark roasted malt & coffee flavour.
Theaksons Old Peculiar 500ml $7.50 – This classic brew is back, rich, dark, smooth & very rewarding.

Boon Gueuze Marriage Parfait 375ml $11.50 – Amazing blend of the finest gueuze from this producer.
Boon Oude Kriek 375ml $13.00 – Blend of 1,2 & 3 year old kriek.
Bush Prestige 750ml $41.00 – Belgian strong dark ale, aged in Bordeaux wine barrels.
Chouffe Houblon DIPA Tripel 330ml $8.00 – Brilliant American inspired Belgian style IPA
De Dolle Oerbier 330ml $9.00 – Intriguing brew, dark & rich, with brett yeast for earthy, funky character.
Delirium Nocturnum 330ml $8.50 – Strong dark ale & a winter release from this brewery.
De Ranke Guldenberg 330ml $6.00 – Well balanced Belgian pale ale, significant hop character & yeast presence.
De Ranke XX Bitter 330ml $6.00 – Another very hop driven Belgian style pale ale tending to IPA.
Duchesse de Bourgogne 250ml $6.00 – A touch of sweetness, aging in oak vats picks up wild yeast tartness.
Dupont Monks Stout 330ml $5.00 - Full of dark, bittersweet roasted malt with complexity only Belgians can produce.
Dupont Dry Hopped Saison 1500ml $36.00 – Amazing value for a beer that is also truly amazing!
Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor 330ml $7.50 – Exceptionally hop driven Belgian strong golden ale.
Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Blue 750ml $18.00 – Unbelievably rich & strong dark ale. Brewed once a year.
Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Red 750ml $18.00 – A strong golden ale. Similar to blue, brewed once a year.
Gouden Carolus Passbier 750ml $18.00 – Easter seasonal brew, strong ale with spices added to the brew.
Grimbergen Optimo Bruno 330ml $8.00 – Strongest & richest dark ale from this iconic brewery.
Liefmans Cuvee Kriek 375ml $10.00 – Blend of 1,2 & 3 year old kriek using oud bruin as base. Similar to kriek lambic.
Liefmans Goudenband 375ml $10.00 – Aged in oak vats, where it picks up a tart wild yeast character.
Lucifer 750ml $16.00 – In the same vein as the classic duvel, a strong golden ale.
Rodenbach Original 250ml $5.00 – Blend of 75% young & 25% old ale.
Rodenbach Grand Cru 330ml $7.00 – Greater proportion of old to young ale in the blend.
Rodenbach Vintage 750ml $29.00 – Specifically selected single vintage ale.

Beer Here Yulewine 500ml $16.50 – Rich barley wine style with slightly sweet chewy malt & balancing bitterness.
Beer Here Jule IPA 500ml $13.50 – Subtle sweet malt with robust US hop character & the addition of orange peel.
Norrebro Bombay Pale Ale 400ml $9.00 – English style IPA, balanced rich malt & robust hop character.
Norrebro Forars Doppelbock 400ml $9.50 – Powerful, full bodied lager, sweet with caramel & raisin notes.
Norrebro Little Korkney Ale 600ml $35.00 – Big & chewy malt profile supporter by aggressive hop character.
Norrebro New York Lager Cans 330ml $5.50 – Robustly hopped with US cascade but a clean, crisp finish.
Norrebro Kings County Brown 400ml $6.00 – Brewed with Garret Oliver from Brooklyn Brewer, robust US style brown ale.

Andechs Doppelbock 500ml $8.00 – Amazingly rich dark & malty lager.
Andechs Hefeweisse 500ml $7.50 – Unfiltered, pale German wheat beer.
Grand Imperial Porter 500ml $7.00 – Highly acclaimed Baltic style porter with robust dark bittersweet roasted malt.
Hacker Pschorr Animator 500ml $9.00 – Essentially a doppelbock, rich & malty sweet on the palate.

La Trappe Isid’or 750ml $14.00 – Brewed to commemorate the 125 year anniversary of the brewery.
La Trappe Quadruple 750ml $16.00 – Strong & rich ale with dark fruit & spice notes.
La Trappe Tripel 750ml $14.00 – Strong golden trappist ale, aided by the inclusion of coriander seed.

Including: Duvel Tulips $11.00, Tripel Karmelite Tulips $15.00, Rochefort Chalices $13.00, Chouffe Tulips $9.00, Delirium Tulips $12.00, Gulden Draak Tulips $11.00, Hommelbier Tulips $9.00, Kwak Wooden Framed Glasses $35.00, Piraat Tulips $11.00, Cuvee des Trolls Tulips $10.00, St Bernardus Chalices $10.00, Cantillon Tumblers $13.00, Hopus Flutes $10.00

As you know we like to lead the pack, being the first retailer in Oz to offer growler fills in store & now the first to discount them, with our growler fill loyalty cards in operation. While most loyalty schemes are exactly that, ours is pretty simple: Next time you come for a fill, you will be issued with a card, be sure to bring it back every time you fill & we stamp it, get 10 stamps, then you receive a FREE fill! This equates to a 10-15% discount, pretty easy & certainly worthwhile. After all, you can’t knock free beer!

Its not too often that you find young Belgian breweries with the ability to produce both classic & modern styles brilliantly. As you would expect Viven have some great Belgian style brews, however this robust porter is certainly a more modern example. Rich dark roasted malt with a touch of choc fudge sweetness & coffee roast & a nice hit of hop bitterness to balance. Certainly robust but it belies its 7% abv, coming across really drinkable. Filling as we speak. If you don’t already have a growler, bottles are $15 each, while a fill of Viven Porter is $25.00

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