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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Plenty to get through this week with tastings, growlers & the usual influx of exciting new stock hitting the shelves from breweries local & abroad. The arrival of the Haand range of beers from Norway is no doubt a welcome addition to our ever growing Scandi craft range, with a few kegs in the mix as well. We have also put the finishing touches on our Good Beer Week offerings & a tasting this Friday evening, see below for full details.

A truly unique brewery, treading perhaps a more traditional route than most Scandi brewers, utilizing a wild house yeast & some interesting ingredients, in a throwback to ancient brewing practices.

Pale Ale 500ml $10.00 – Traditional English style pale ale, some richer malts with late kettle hopping for an aromatic but easy drinking profile
Dobbel Dose IPA 500ml $12.00 – Robust IPA brewed with copious amounts of European hops, as apposed to the usual US varieties
Hesjeol 500ml $10.00 – Farmhouse style, brewed with barley, oat, rye & wild house yeast, floral hop aroma & refreshing fruity & spicy hop finish
Haandbic 500ml $12.00 – Inspired by Belgian lambics, brewed using wild house yeast for a unique funky, tangy fruit sourness
Good Force 500ml $12.00 – Sister of the brewery’s famed dark force, this version is a 10% abv pale wheat beer brewed with chamomile flowers
Royk Uten Ild 500ml $12.00 – Brewed with wheat, Bamberg smoked malt & interestingly US Amarillo hops
Norwegian Wood 500ml $11.00 – Recreation of traditional Norse beer, brewed with smoked malt, juniper twigs & berries
Farewell Ale 500ml $11.00 - Rich dark ale brewed with wild house yeast for a fruity & spicy character
+ A limited amount of Haand Glassware

3 Ravens Uber Blonde Sticke Alt 500ml $9.00 – Amped up version of their regular golden ale, which is a German style altbier hailing from dusseldorf
2 Brothers Grizz American Amber Ale 330ml $6.00 – Nice fruity hop aroma with rich caramel & toffee malt on the palate
2 Brothers The Chief Oktoberfest/Marzen $6.00 – Malty, rich with honey & caramel notes but a clean lager finish
Mountain Goat Thorny Goat BIPA 650ml $10.00 – Collab with Thornbridge of UK, dark malt, a touch of roast & big new world hop character

We just recently received a shipment of some exceptionally morish Polish beers, all very much in the bock mould (think rich, malty lager). To get people acquainted with the range, we will have them all on FREE tasting this FRIDAY 1ST APRIL 5-7pm. I have a feeling they will be polarizing beers given their overall malty, sweet profile but certainly enjoyable nonetheless, dessert beers if you will. So swing by for a chat & a taste to see what you think.

Maguns Original 330ml – Original & the best? Rich, dark & malty with overt caramel, chocolate fudge & lingering sweet finish
Magnus Chocolate 330ml – Similar to above however, with dominating chocolate fudge sweetness & a touch of drier cocoa
Magnus Cherry 330ml – Apparently very popular in Poland, rich cherry sweetness reminiscent of black forest cake, simple but tasty
Magnus Honey 330ml – The lightest of the lot, however still maintains a sweet, honey flavor on the palate

Good Beer Week Tastings
With the vision & guidance of some notable Melbourne beer loving folk, good beer week (GBW) is a new initiative celebrating all that is great about craft beer. Beer lovers around the city will be treated to an array of events at some of the best local beer venues.

Given the occasion we thought it apt to offer our most comprehensive, ambitious & overall exciting tasting session yet! You will be guided through the vast beer world, looking at offerings from old & new producers of both classic & obscure styles, comparing locally produced examples with those from abroad. Cheeses, dips, pastes & other tasty morsels will also be matched to compliment & contrast, providing a truly universal beer experience!

Slowbeer Presents “AROUND THE (BEER) WORLD IN 18 WAYS”
Old World Classics
Belgian Styles
  • Dupont Saison & Otway Saison
  • Trappsite Rochefort 8 & Holgate Double Trouble
German Stlyes
  • Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen & Bridge Road Brewers Hans Klopek’s Hefeweizen
  • Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock & 3 Ravens Dark Smoke
English Styles
  • Timothy Taylor Landlord Ale & Murrays Punch & Judy’s Ale
  • Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout & Brewboys Ace of Spades Stout

Modern Craft Benchmarks
Pale Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale & Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
New World Pilsner
  • Emersons Pilsner & Knappstein Lager
Coffee Stout
  • Amager & Mikkeller Hr Fredriksen Vaesel Brunch & Burleigh Brewing Black Giraffe

The Finer Details:
BOTH Wednesday 18th May 7pm & Sunday 22nd May 7pm
Cost: $40 to try ALL beer & food pairings (Over $150 value!)
+ Attendees receive 10% DISCOUNT on any purchase that night

Proving very popular last time around, this amazingly robust yet drinkable Brewdog offering keeps many a palate pleased. Styled as an American Amber/Red Ale, it has that unmistakable US hop aroma of citrus & pine, while the malt profile of the style provides some richer caramel & toffee notes on the mid-palate. The finish is unmistakably Brewdog with a robust hop bitterness on the finish. Delightfully drinkable but enough pop for the hop heads!
*If you don’t already have a growler, bottles are $15 each, while a fill of Brewdog 5AM Saint is $25

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