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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As you can imagine it has been pretty hectic the last few days, so a serious catch-up is in order!


Day 6 - Emersons (NZ) Pilsner 500ml $9.00
Easily one of my favorite brews ever! Pilsners/lagers get a seriously bad wrap in the beer world, mainly because many of the super bland mass produced beers are (apparently) to this style. This one is oh so different. The use of kiwi grown saaz derivative hops produces a beautifully floral & fruity aroma with a cleansing spicy bitterness. Unbelievable balance & complexity despite being easy drinking, clean & crisp. Amazing in its own right but pairing with seafood is just as great.

Day 7 - Deus Brut des Flandres (BEL) 750ml $34.00
Interesting sort of beer this one & sits in the bier de champagne psuedo-style. Brewed in Belgium as a strong pale ale (think duvel) then shipped off to France for cellaring, where it undergoes the methode champenoise, (yeast & sugar added for bottle fermentation, yeast removed, dosage added). In this case the dosage (sugar) includes the interesting addition of bergamot. The result is a beer that is exceptionally creamy & aromatic, with the bergamot adding an intense floral, citrus character. Indeed a superior replacement for the token bottle of bubbly on xmas day.

Day 8 - Duchesse de Bourgogne (BEL) 250ml $6.50
Very much a love-it or hate-it kind of beer. Hardcore Belgian sour freaks tend to find it too sweet, while general beer drinkers find it far too sour. Personally, I really like it. Certainly not too unlike those crazy lambics, this brew has a significant amount of lactic acidity picked up from the time spent ageing in old oak vessels. Conversely, the sweetness comes from the great degree of red malts (vienna & munich...I think) employed. The interpaly between the two elements manifests itself in a sweet-sour cherry/berry-like flavour disguise, with a touch of oak to boot. Enjoying this with turkey, as a replacement for cranberry sauce is the only way to go!

Day 9 - Southern Tier (US) Creme Brulee 650ml $17.00
Diabetics stop reading NOW! A word of warning, this beer is super sweet & as the name suggests a dessert beer if there ever was one! Brewed with lactose (milk sugar) & dark crystal malt giving this beer its rich sweetness, while the addition of vanilla beans attributes...well a vanilla character. Caramel, toffee, chocolate & vanilla. Absolutely delightful but share it with a few if you value your teeth filling-free!

Day 10 - 8 Wired (NZ) Big Smoke Porter 500ml $12.00

Day 5 - Estrella Damm (SPA) Inedit 750ml $10.00
Day 4 - Chatoe Rogue (USA) First Growth Creek Ale 650ml $15.00
Day 3 - Schlenkerla (GER) Rauchbier Marzen 500ml $6.00
Day 2 - Eggenberg (AUT) Samichlaus 330ml $11.50
Day 1 - Hargreaves Hill (VIC) Phoenix 750ml $35.0



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