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Friday, November 05, 2010


Its been a busy last few weeks, so we will keep it short & sweet. Not huge quantities hitting the shelves but some true quality in store this week!


Little Korkny Ale 600ml $38.00 - A big, bad US style barley wine. Brewed with truckloads of malt & cascade hops imparting a rich caramel sweetness with robust bitterness on the finish.

North Bridge Extreme 600ml $17.00 - A huge imperial IPA, inspired by the West Coast US examples. An explosion of citrus, pine & resin in the mouth with a big whack of malt to attempt to form some sort of balance. Hops galore!

Pacific Summer Ale 600ml $12.00 - Another brew that gains inspiration from the hoppy US styles. Light & golden with a touch of malt & a nice hit of citrussy US hops.

Fano Vestkyst 500ml $11.00 - Cross between a traditional UK & more modern US style pale ales. Some caramel & toffee malt present with some fruity & earthy hops to boot.

Bombay Pale Ale 400ml $9.00 - A traditional UK IPA, with rich malt backbone, marmalade type fruit notes & an earthy hop bitterness on the finish.

Ravnsborg Rod 400ml $8.50 - A traditional style red ale brewed with copious amounts of malt & a nice touch of amarillo hops to add something different.

New York Lager 400ml $8.50 - Relatively clean & crisp lager profile with a touch of malt sweetness & cascade hops for good measure.

Paske Bock 330ml $7.00 - A rich & malty bock, appropriate for the Easter period. Plenty of bready/doughy malt with caramel, as well as some raisin & spice.

Its been a while since this unassuming brew disappeared off the shelves, however it did enjoy quite a nice little following & with good reason! A more modern take on the traditional Scottish heather ales, utilizing heather honey, poppy seeds, kola nuts & guarana. Surprising hey? While it reads like an energy drink, it is actually quite delicious, with rich malt sweetness & an earthy, herbaceous bitterness to balance. At 8%abv it is also dangerously drinkable! - Filling as we speak & continuing until the keg is dry! $30 for the fill.



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