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Thursday, September 29, 2011


We are gearing up for a big weekend of beer consumption, responsibly of course! To accommodate the last minute AFL Grand Final beer shoppers, we will be opening bright & early at 10am on Saturday (01/10/11), then closing to watch the game & reopening afterwards. With plenty of new & interesting beers hitting the shelves as well as some cracking beers on growlers, we've got you covered! Full details below.

2 Brothers James Brown 330ml $7.50
This funky little number is back, with masses of chocolate & banana yeast notes.

3 Ravens The Ravenator Bock 500ml $9.00
Rich, dark & malty lager with dark fruity esters & a touch of phenolic yeast spice.

Red Hill Weizenbock 330ml $6.00
A great beer with a nice little following, rich & dark with touches of caramel malt sweetness & dark fruit.

Wold Top Centenary Way Mild 500ml $8.50
A true mild ale, malty & rich but a very serviceable 3.5%abv.

Schlenkerla Rauchbier Helles 500ml $6.00
A Bamberg regional specialty, this version of a smokebeer is in fact a light & clean lager style.

Weihenstephan Festbier 500ml $5.50
An oktoberfest special, plenty of subtlety & balance, easy to imagine drinking stein after stein of this!

Theresianer Coffee Stout 750ml $18.00
Light on the palate with plenty of bittersweet roast from both the dark malt & coffee.


Nogne O Imperial Stout 500ml $12.50
Masses of molasses & choc fudge with some dark fruit & coffee roast to boot.

Coney Island Lager 355ml $6.00
A lager like no other, carefully selected malts provide a rounded palate, while robust hopping from both old world european & modern US varieties.

Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner 355ml $6.00
A dry hopped american rye pilsner, why not? Spicy malt with robust bitterness to compliment.

Coney Island Variety Pack 12x355ml $65.00
Contains: Coney Island Lager, Mermaid Pils, Sword Swallower & Albino Python.

Sierra Nevada Autumn Tumbler Porter 355ml $4.50
Autumn seasonal, rich & malty brown ale with nutty, caramel malt in spades.

Sierra Nevada Ovila Saison 750ml $12.50
Brewed in collaboration with the monks at Abbey of New Clairvaux in Vina, California comes this rustic Belgian farmhouse style ale.


In seemingly a mini trend of late, brewers are experimenting with coffee in hoppier styles. Traditionally coffee additions was the domain of darker, roasty styles, however mikkeller is ever the mad scientist! The coffee beans in this brew have been carefully selected for their fruity, earthy qualities & then very lightly roasted, so as not to become astringent. The coffee selection beautifully matches the use of Tomohawk hops. Expect caramel malt with a fruity, earthy aroma & bitterness from both bean & hop. Initially this sounds like quite the crazy concotion, however it comes off as a masterstroke & a delicious hop feast!

Filling as we speak. If you don’t already have a growler, bottles are $15 each, while a fill of Mikkeller Koppi IPA is $35.00


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Thursday, September 15, 2011


We are well & truly back into the swing of things, with plenty of exciting arrivals gracing the shelves, so expect regular updates once more. Some hotly anticipated new US arrivals, as well as some crackers from our Danish friends at Amager & Beer Here. We also have a quirky little number on growler fills, that we know you will love. Full details below.

Amager Drei von Danen 500ml $14.00
- Baltic style porter, robust in its bittersweet dark roasted malt.
Amager Drei von Danen Cognac Barrel 500ml $21.50 - Baltic style porter aged in cognac barrels.
Amager Rated XX 500ml $14.00 - Huge imperial IPA with robust hop bitterness.
Beer Here Karma Citra 500ml $14.00 - US inspired brown ale, brewed solely with citra hop variety.
Beer Here Nordic Rye 500ml $14.50 - Traditional style dark ale brewed with a large proportion of rye in the grain bill.
Beer Here Smokestack Porter 500ml $13.50 - Robust style porter with masses of dark, bittersweet roasted malt.
Beer Here Weed 500ml $13.00 - German inspired pale wheat beer, brewed with smoked malt.

Ben Middlemiss Nota Bene 330ml $11.00
- Belgian style abbey ale, rich malt with notes of brown sugar & ripe dark fruit, as well as complex yeast spice on the finish.
Kaimai Golden Rye 330ml $6.50 - A delicate & light golden ale, brewed with a large proportion of rye in the grain bill, imparting a spicy rye sourdough character.
Kaimai Pale Ale 500ml $12.00 - Robust style pale ale hopped solely with Southern Cross variety, imparting tropical fruit characters.
Kaimai Porters Rye 330ml $7.00 - Robust style porter with high proportion of rye in the grain bill. Expect dark bittersweet roasted malt, complimented by a subtle spicy rye sourdough character.

Schmaltz He’brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA 355ml $8.50
- A hefty 10% abv rye based ipa. Hopped to the hilt with your favorite US high alpha varieties.
Schmaltz He’brew Genesis Ale 355ml $6.00 - West Coast inspired amber ale, rich caramel & toffee malt with pronounced hop character.
Schmaltz He’brew Messiah Bold 355ml $6.00 - Malty brown ale with notes of caramel & roasted nuts.
Victory Baltic Thunder 650ml $15.50 - Baltic style porter, robust with masses of bittersweet roasted malt
Victory Hop Devil 355ml $6.00 - Robust US IPA, caramel & toffee malt with vibrant hop aroma & bracing bitterness on the finish.
Victory Hop Wallop 355ml $7.00 & 650ml $15.50 - Bigger brother to hop devil, imperial IPA with clean malt profile, allowing the robust hop character to shine.
Victory Prima Pils 355ml $5.50 - Amazing brew that goes above & beyond what you expect of a pils or lager. Vibrant hop aroma, a touch of malt with robust, cleansing bitterness on a clean, light profile.
Victory Storm King 355ml $7.50 - A beast of an imperial stout, masses of dark roasted malt with robust hop bitterness to boot!
Victory V12 750ml $21.50 - Belgian style abbey ale, light honey malt notes allowing the earthy hops & yeast spice to come through nicely.
Victory Yakima Glory 355ml $7.50 - American Black Ale, Black IPA, whatever you call it, this is a cracker! Dark roasted malt with truckloads of hops.

Hitachino is a ripping little Japanese brewery that certainly has quite a following. While the name, Japanese Classic Ale conjures up thoughts of some quirky concotion, to my mind, this is very much an English inspired IPA. Rich caramel & toffee malt, floral hop aroma & robust earthy, spicy hop bitterness. Somewhat typical of hitachino beers, this one has a twist, being that it is aged in cedar casks that previously housed shochu (distilled sake). A great little number that you will love!

Filling as we speak. If you don’t already have a growler, bottles are $15 each, while a fill of Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale is $35.00


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Thursday, September 08, 2011


So its been a while! Whats new you ask? Well, we've actually been very busy behind the scenes! As you can probably gather, we are in the process of getting our new website up & running, hence the new look emails if you see them. Its been a long time coming but we are pretty pelase with the result & know you will be too. Additionally, we have some very, very exciting news brewing but can't give too much away just yet. Its big, so keep your eyes & ears at the ready!

General catchup aside, the next few weeks will prove to be some of the busiest for new arrivals in a long time! Plus, the onset of some lovely Spring weather signals a move away from darker growler offerings & into big hop bombs you all love! Full details below.

Bridge Rd Galaxy Single Hop IPA 330ml $5.00
Back again this year & ever growing in popularity. Expect vibrant tropical fruit nose & grassy bitterness on the finish from Oz craft's fav hop.

Bridge Rd Stella Single Hop IPA 330ml $5.00
New release this year & partner to galaxy. Stella is a hop that is starting to gain traction with local brewers given its new world leanings but european noble lineage. Vibrant tropical fruit on the nose with a more herbally, bitter edge than galaxy. Reminded me a little of simcoe, which I love!

Little Creatures Single Batch Dreadnaught 500ml $6.00
The next release in the series & quite possibly the best yet. A foreign export style stout, expect robust bittersweet roasted malt on a light palate with more roast driving the finish. Everything you want from a FES.

Mountain Goat Seedy Goat Coffee IPA 650ml $10.00
Under the guidance of the team at Seven Seeds, comes this experimental brew. Clean & light malt allows the lightly roasted, fruity & earthy coffee bean character to compliment the hop bitterness. Perfect synergy between bean & hop.

8 Wired Sultan Belgian Quad 500ml $15.00
Soren can seemingly do no wrong with his releases. This is a Belgian style strong dark ale, brewed with an assortment of aromatic sugars & sultanas. Rich & slightly sweet on the palate, this brew is served well by the liverly carbonation of the style. A really great spin on a classic.

Haand Dark Force 500ml $12.50
Bigger brother to good force, this imperial stout is brewed with a high proportion of wheat in the grain bill.

Haand Odins Tipple 500ml $14.50
Big & rich imperial stout fermented with the brewery's wild house yeast for added quirky complexity.

Nogne O Imperial Brown Ale 500ml $11.50
Robust US style brown ale, nutty with caramel malt & a touch of roast & hop bitterness.

Nogne O IPA 500ml $11.50
US inspired IPA, caramel & toffee malt backbone with fruity & piney hop bitterness.

Nogne O #100 500ml $13.50
Amazing hybrid kind of beer, part barleywine, part IPA & a touch of porter.

Nogne O Underlig Jul 500ml $11.50
Festive ale, not too dissimilar to mulled wine. Brewed with all matter of christmas spices.

Nogne O Sunturnbrew 500ml $15.50
Barleywine style ale brewed with rye & bamberg smoked malte.

Adnams Innovation 500ml $8.50
Ripping little ESB/strong ale with rich malt & nice hop character. Very under-rated brew.

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:06 375ml $37.00
The next release in this series, a triple dry hopped black IPA. Slowbeer was lucky enough to score a few samples when Brewdog Martin was in town on a sneaky visit. All kinds of herbally hop awesomeness!

Brewdog Punk IPA Cans 330ml $4.50
Haven't you heard? Cans are the way of the hop fuelled craft beer future. Do ti!

Brewdog Tactical Nucleur Pengui 330ml $150.00
Its back, this 32% abv beauty of a whisky cask aged imprial stout on some serious steroids.

Brewdog Sink the Bismarck 330ml $200.00
Partners in crime, this 42% abv IPA is back too! Crazy is as cray does.

Mikkeller Green Gold IPA
We've been trying to keep our growler offerings seasonal but a bout of lovely Spring weather coupled with punter's seemingly unquenchable thirst for hop bombs, means this beauty is good to go. Like many Mikkeller IPAs, this is an American style. Exect rich caramel & toffee malt providing the backbone for which grapefruit, bitter citrus rind & piney hop character will keep you hop heads happy!

Filling as we speak. If you don't already have a growler, 2L bottles are $15 each, while a fill of Mikkeller Green Gold IPA is $35.

Up next: Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale

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