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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Matilda Bay Barking Duck (12/20)
Went in very blind on this one as I didn’t know the beer was styled as a saison at the time. Very wit in apperance; light lemon gold, thin / nothing happening head. Citrus and lemon noise, faint, with some underlying spice. Very very similar to taste. More lemon and spice, and the lemon is very overt for the style. Nice balance on the finish with medium strength spices.

James Squire Highway Man Red Ale (12/20)
Nice looking beer with a creamy thin head; ’flat-white’ style. Attractive herbal green hop flavour, very restrained and well backed with classy (but mild) caramel malts. Perhaps a touch dilutive but seems well made. Marketed as a red ale which I guess is there or thereabouts.

Pelican MacPelicans Wee Heavy (15/20)
Massively powerful and sweet nose; lifted sweet berry fruit, almost fruit-cake like with truckloands of zingy fruit. Unique. Similar to taste with the thick fruit-cake again dominating along with licorice. A bit over the top for mine but not outside the bounds of the style. Good fun.


Friday, September 26, 2008

New Releases & Fresh Stocks - September

3 Ravens 55 APA $3.20
3 Ravens Blonde $3.20
3 Ravens Black $3.20
3 Ravens Bronze $3.20
Henry of Harcourt Duck & Bull Draught Cider $7.00
Henry of Harcourt Original Cider $5.00
Henry of Harcourt Perry Cider $5.00
Red Hill Temptation $5.00
Red Hill Weizenbock $5.00

Chimay Blue $7.00
Gouden Carolus $6.00
Westmalle Tripel $7.50

New Zealand
Emersons IPA $7.50
Emersons JP 'Oude Brouin' Brown FlemishAle $9.50
Emersons Oatmeal Stout $8.00
Emersons Pilsner $7.50

Belhaven Scottish Ale $7.00
Green King Abbot Ale $6.50
Green King IPA $6.50
Green King IPA Export $7.00
Green King Suffolk Strong Ale $7.00

New Castle Brown Ale 330ml $3.40
Theakston Old Peculier $6.50
Timothy Taylor Landlord Ale $6.50
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Ale
Wychwood Black Wych Stout $7.00
Wychwood Goliath Ale $9.00


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Brakspere Triple (15/20)
Really impressed with this. Maybe more Belgian than English but the style works well. Beautiful lifted toffee malts on the nose with perhaps a sweet varnish note. The 7.2% alcohol shows but is not at all ackward. Super smooth to drink and the same sweet malt character pops up. Shows a truckload of balance and a slightly hard licorice finish.

Unibroue Seigneuriale (14/20)
June 2006 Bottling: essentially built in the house style with the familar sweet powerful malts and spices. This bottle had excess fizz (fault) and to my mind dumbed down the flavours a little. The body was lacking a touch as well. But...let the beer sit in the glass for an hour and warm up, and in doing so the sweeter malt character filled out nicely.

Lone Hand Pale Ale (6/20)
Fairly basic amateurish interpretation. Starts out ok with a nice orange glow and very good creamy head retention. Nose has some faint citrus / orange peel but the aromas are mostly interupted with a faulty metallic and pine needle character. Palate confiirms the fault / bug although to be fair the metallic note morphs into more of a smokey character. One for tickers only.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Rogue Release

Some of you may be aware that cult US micro brewer Rogue will soon be available.
For those of you who aren't familiar with them, this is HUGE news!

They do some crazy beers: chipotle ale, imperial pilsner and juniper pale ale to name but a very few. (check them out:

Stock will be hitting the Cloudwine shelves in mid October.
So keep your eyes and ears peeled!!


Friday, September 05, 2008

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