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Friday, July 22, 2011


Its been a crazy past few weeks with plenty happening both good & bad. Unfortunately our store laptop was stolen a couple of weeks ago, as result a number of email trails have been lost. If you have an order outstanding or general inquiry unanswered please send through a prompt, so that we can get onto it asap. In more positive news, we have plenty of exciting new beers hitting the shelves. Full details below.

Its back again, after an excellent showing last year, we are hoping to better those results but once again we need your help! We would very much appreciate you taking the time to vote for us. Whether you purchase in store or online please follow the link, choose CATEGORY 8 & show us your support!

From Australia & New Zealand
2 Brothers Voodoo Baltic Porter 330ml $6.00 - Dark , rich & roasty brewed as a lager, as the Baltic version requires.
3 Ravens Rye Roggenbier 500ml $9.00 – An amped up version of their white with orange, coriander, wheat & spicy rye.
Red Duck Canute The Gruit 330ml $5.00 – Tangy, Medieval style dark ale with hawthorn berry juice & stinging nettles.
Red Duck Belgian Vanilla Porter 330ml $5.50 – Roasty with dark fruit, spice & vanilla notes.
Red Duck The Ox Imperial Stout 330ml $9.00 – A beast by name & nature, big & brash with plenty to like.
Red Duck Queen Bee Honey Porter 330ml $6.00 – Dark & roasty with dry, earthy honey notes.
8 Wired Sauvin Saison 500ml $12.00 – Modern take on the style brewed with Kiwi hops to compliment earthy, fruity Belgian yeast.
Croucher Patriot American Black Ale 500ml $12.00 – Very drinkable, with a touch of roast & plenty of hop character.
Mike’s Imperial Porter 750ml $26.00 – Big & rich with plenty of chocolate fudge & dark fruit notes & bittersweet roast.
Mike’s Coffee Porter 750ml $29.00 – As above with the bittersweet coffee notes more overt.
Renaissance Craftsman Choc Oat Stout 500ml $10.00 – Amazing chocolate character with a creamy, mellow palate. Delicious!

From Japan
Baird Double Dry Imperial Belgian IPA 633ml 18.00 – Double dry hopped with both US & Euro varieties to +100IBU.
Baird Kiwi Strong Pale Ale 633ml $18.00 – We all love Kiwi hops & this is a perfect way to showcase them!
Baird Rainy Season Black Ale 633ml $18.00 – Dark & roasty but with plenty of herbally hop character to balance.

From UK
Brewdog Alice Porter 330ml $7.50 – Reserved by Brewdog standards but excellent nonetheless. Mocha & vanilla notes dominant.
Brewdog Avery Brown Dredge Lager 330ml $11.50 – This Imperial Pilsner was brewed under the guidance of 3 respected beer writers.
Brewdog Three Floyds Btch Please 330ml $21.50 – Collab barleywine brewed with peated malt & aged in Jura Whisky Casks.
Dark Star Espresso Stout 500ml $8.00 – Light & delicate on the palate with robust bittersweet coffee notes.
Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12 330ml $11.00 – The brewery’s famed Old Engine Oil aged in 12yo Highland Park Whisky Casks.
Harviestoun Ola Dubh 16 330ml $12.00 - The brewery’s famed Old Engine Oil aged in 16yo Highland Park Whisky Casks.
Harviestoun Ola Dubh 30 330ml $16.00 - The brewery’s famed Old Engine Oil aged in 30yo Highland Park Whisky Casks.
Harviestoun Ola Dubh 40 330ml $19.00 - The brewery’s famed Old Engine Oil aged in 40yo Highland Park Whisky Casks.
Harvietoun Mr Sno’balls 330ml $5.50 – Essentially an ESB, rich caramel & toffee malt with dark fruit notes.

From Spain
Moritz Epidor 330ml $4.50 - Rich , dark & malty bock style lager.

From USA
Brooklyn Lager 355ml $4.00 – Amber lager, malty yet clean with nice, cleansing hop bitterness. $21.50/$75 (6pk/Case24)
Brooklyn Local 1 750ml $18.50 – Belgian style golden ale brewed with aromatic sugar from Mauritius.
Sam Adams Noble Pils 355ml $3.00 – Exceptional robust, aromatic hop character. $16.50/$60 (6pk/Case24)
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 355ml $4.00 – The classic we all know & love! $21.50/$75.00 (6pk/Case24)

As you know we like to lead the pack, being the first retailer in Oz to offer growler fills in store & now the first to discount them, with our growler fill loyalty cards in operation. While most loyalty schemes are exactly that, ours is pretty simple: Next time you come for a fill, you will be issued with a card, be sure to bring it back every time you fill & we stamp it, get 10 stamps, then you receive a FREE fill! This equates to a 10-15% discount, pretty easy & certainly worthwhile. After all, you can’t knock free beer!

Doctor’s Orders Pulse Belgian Oatmeal IPA
Many Sydneysiders may be familiar with Doc, as he hosts the Darlinghurst Taphouse Alestar sessions. He has been producing very interesting beers under the Doctor’s Orders brand, many of which are brewed at Potters in the Hunter Valley. This particular release is a Belgian style IPA. Brewed with Kiwi hops that provide a vibrant tropical fruit aroma & grassy bitterness on the palate, that compliments the earthy & slightly citric Belgian yeast, while the oatmeal provides a mellow, creamy palate. Overall a very drinkable hoppy option with a twist. Filling as we speak. If you don’t already have a growler, bottles are $15 each, while a fill of Pulse Belgian IPA is $25.00
UP NEXT: Brewdog Alice Porter

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