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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well we didn’t lie when we said that stock is arriving thick & fast! This time we have fresh stocks of Mikkeller complete with 4 new beers, which we suspect you’ll go nuts for!!


Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel - 500ml $30.00 (approx)
One of the rarest beers in the world, reason being that it is made with one of the rarest coffees in the world. Vietnamese ca phe chon coffee, made from droppings (did I say poo?!) of the vietnamese palm civet.
Hold your repulsion! Read more here, its actually quite interesting:

Mikkeller Festival Special Edition 2009 Stella O – 1.5L (magnum) $115.00 (approx)
Small batch American Barley Wine brewed for debut at the Copenhagen beer festival.
Only 1300 bottles available worldwide & can be cellared to 2019!!

Mikkeller / Brewdog Divine Rebel – 330ml $16.00 (approx)
A mouthwatering collaboration from two of Europe’s most progressive craft breweries.
A barley wine aged in Speyside whisky casks

Mikkeller Single Hop Nugget IPA – 330ml $10.00 (approx)
The next release in the series of single hop IPAs.


Mikkeller Stateside IPA 500ml $16.00

Mikkeller Jackie Brown 500ml $16.00

Mikkeller Fra Til 750ml $32.00

Mikkeller Black 375ml $23.00

Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPA 330ml $10.00

Mikkeller / De Struise Elliot Brew 330ml $15.00

Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast 500ml $16.00

Mikkeller Black Hole 375ml $20.00

Mikkeller Big Worse Barley Wine 375ml $19.00

Mikkeller Monk’s Elixir 750ml $34.00

Mikkeller USAlive! 750ml $32.00

Mikkeller / Three Floyds Oatgoop 650ml $42.00

As usual, stocks will be limited so to save disappointment email: to place your pre-order or for any other inquiries.


Given that our Slowbeer is store is set to be up & running in a few weeks, the stock is arriving thick and fast!

Bridge Rd Anniversary Ale – Celebrating their 4th Anniversary in style, with a limited release Imperial Porter, dry hopped to the hilt and aged in Giaconda barrels! The smartly presented 750ml bottles are individually numbered, with only 1,000 being brewed.  

Stock is due to arrive later this week but is rather limited. Email: to place a pre-order. If you currently have an order with us & wish to add this great beer, let us know!


Epic Armageddon IPA  $12.50
Epic Pale Ale  $9.50
Nogne O Tiger Tripel  $16.00
Nogne O Brun  $13.00
Brewdog Paradox Isle of Arran  $11.50
Brewdog Riptide Imperial Stout  $7.00
Brewdog Zeitgeist  $6.00
Brewdog 77 Lager  $4.00
Baladin Isaac  $29.00
Baladin Super  $30.00
Emersons JP Belgian Ale 2009  $9.00

Nogne O #100  $16.00
Nogne O Imperial Stout  $16.00
Nogne O IPA  $14.50
Nogne O Imperial Brown  $14.50
Nogne O Porter  $14.50
Nogne O Brown  $12.50
Nogne O Havre Stout  $12.50
Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter  $10.00
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA  $7.00
Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale  $6.50
Rogue XS Old Crustacean Barley Wine  $38.00
Rogue XS Russian Imperial Stout  $38.00
Rogue XS Imperial Porter  $38.00
Brewdog Punk IPA  $5.50
Eggenberg Urbock 23  $7.00
Eggenberg Macqueens Nessie  $5.00


Schneider & Brooklyn Hopfenweisse  $7.50
Eggenberg Samiclaus  $10.00
Eggenberg Birra Magalotti  $6.50
Fullers 1845 Strong Ale  $8.50
Dupont Bier de Beloiel  $14.00
St Peters Best Bitter  $7.00
Maredsous 6  $6.50
Maredsous 8  $8.50
Piraat $10.00

Dupont Saison   $11.00
Dupont Bons Vouex   $15.00
Lindemans Faro $7.50
Lindemans Gueze Cuve Rene $8.00
St Peters Cream Stout $8.00
Boucanier Dark $8.50
Boucanier Golden $8.50
Grimbergen Blonde $8.00
Grimbergen Dubbel $8.00
Sam Smith Imperial Stout $6.50
Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale $8.00
Sam Smith Taddy Porter $8.00
Sam Smith India Pale Ale $8.00
Sam Smith Old Brewery Pale Ale $8.00
Sam Smith Orgainc Best Bitter $8.00

If you haven't had a chance to try any of these brilliant brews, I suggest you give them a go.

If you wish to place orders for any of the above beers hop online:, or alternatively email:

We will keep you updated on how our Slowbeer store is progressing (not long now!).

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Recent Tasting Notes

Schneider & Brooklyn Hopfen-weisse
Interesting collaboration for an interesting result. Pours hazy golden orange with a huge off white head, certainly darker than most hefes. Nose has masses of citrus with undertones of clove, banana & hop spice. Palate translates well, a hint of malt sweetness, not so much in the traditional hefe way, more US - derived from caramel or munich malts maybe. Citrus notes dominate palate. Finishes with medium floral hop bitterness and trademark hefe spicy phenolics. Wow! This is a cracking beer, something I’d love to see more of. Do yourself a favour and get some while its around.

Emersons JP Belgian Ale 2009
Great looking beer, not unlike other emersons beer. Quite dark for the style, almost porter/stout like. Dark, dark brown body with nice, creamy tan head. Nose has big yeast spice notes with alcohol evident but funnily enough disguised by the aniseed notes. Palate has dark malt, chocolate bordering on coffee notes. Some dark figgy fruit notes thrown in aswell. Finish has big spice notes, aniseed obviously most dominant. Overall a great beer,it’s near impossible to find non Belgians of this style with as much complexity. Star anise adds alot, without dominating too much. Emersons can do no wrong, seriously a world class brewery!

Eisenbahn Lust
I've been sitting on this bottle for a while & decided to open it with non-beer drinking friends. Pours hazy golden orange with a fizzy head that dissapears. Nose has confectionary fruit: citrus with a bit of strawberry. Palate is medium bodied with high carbonation. There is some sweetness but carbo dries it up quite well. Finishes with a good hit of alcohol and spice, whether yeast or hop driven I’m not sure. Overall a great beer. You can certainly see the base (belg tripel) coming through. Probably pulls it off better than Deus Brut de Flanders, the only other I’ve had of this style. Was a bit too sweet, whereas this was spot on. Would definately have again.

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