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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Pelican "Doryman's" Dark Ale (15/20)
Very much a new world / US take on a dark ale but I guess this would clearly qualify as an American Brown Ale given the relatively significant hop impact. This is very evident through the aromas very early through very lifted sweet hops and fruit. Super delicious and reminds me a lot of the 20 or so Rogue beers I sampled recently. Palate is a touch more restrained but the basic profile of flavours promised on the nose come up again. If anything the flavours do tail off a little as the fruitiness drys out. Regardless, a really good beer.

Rogue "Imperial" Pilsner (15/20)
The Imperial Pilsner reference may not be completely spot on as I can't find a reference on Rate Beer or Beer Advocate, but time will soon tell as I have bought a case! Crazy nose of sweet pilsner citrus fruits. Lots of candy floss here as well. More fruit early in the palate, then a wave of hops, and then a further wave of bitterness. Finishes just a touch rough, but certainly packs a punch!

Rogue "Imperial" Red Ale (13/20)
Big lift on the nose of sweet cooked fruit. Good balance throughout. Spices pop up mid-palate before burnt fruits drive an ok finish.

Rogue "Imperial" Stout (13/20)
Big, heavy, bitter. Loads of dark chocolate. Lots of drive and weight. Very bitter finish. Too much to handle for me.



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