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Monday, October 13, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Murray's Icon2IPA 2008 (16/20)
I’d been hanging for this release for some time, following last years great effort. Poured deep golden amber with a substantial off white to tan coloured head. Aromas are absolutely dominated by resiny hops, i could smell this all day! Also shows some spiced caramel. Palate is much of the same, seems to lack the sweet malt stonefruit characters (not necessarily a bad thing) common in other similar aussie offerings, which tells me that this could benefit from cellaring. Finish is again dominated by spicy resin hops with long lingering bitterness. Not quite what i expected but excellent nonetheless. Seems to show greater balance than other examples. Might put a few away and re-visit in 9-12 months.

Jamieosn Beast IPA (15/20)
I’ve probably had this about a thousand times but never bothered writing up one of my favourites! Pours murky amber with significant tan coloured head that persists. Aromas are dominated by resin hops and sweeet malt that brings caramel and apricot - could smell it all day! Palate is full bodied, sweet malt carries spiced caramel and dried apricot while the onset of spicey resin hops cleanse the palate. Hop presence is intense, but doesn’t become excessive or aggressively bitter.

Rogue Imperial IPA (17/20)
After sampling some 20 of the previous rogue ales, common traits among all tell me that this will be the standout. Pours hazy golden orange with substantial off white head. Nose displays abundant sweet malt, apricot and grapefruit notes accompany. Also shows big resin hop notes and spiced caramel. Palate is mirror image! Sweet apricot, big pine hop notes and significant hop spice drive a long bitter finish, with enough sweet malt to support. Great balance dispite the giddy alcohol level!



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