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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Tim Taylor "Landlord" (16/20)
Just as I remember it and undoubtedly a classic of the genre. Nose shows some fruit but mostly about a mineral, musky chalky edge. Palate shows amazing minerals and a smokey slate character. The latter can often be found in high end dry Mosel riesling from Germany. Wonderful beer.

Silly Saison (12/20)
Maroon in colour with a thin head. Nose is fruity with a cooked / sugary malt feel, and faint spices at best. Doesn’t scream saison. Very easy going to taste, perhaps reflecting the 5.2%. Cooked sugars and malts pop up again although strictly a light touch. A touch of sarsparella (spelling?) in the back palate as well.

Feral White (10/20)
Fairly ho-hum stuff and not really up to the standard that I assume this mob pumps out. It is however brewed at AIB so maybe this explains why this beer is a fairly mundane wit. Fizzy, lager-like body with soft spice character and some wheat malt coming through. Dry finish. Hard to recommend.


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