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Monday, July 28, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Ale Stars @ The Local
Porter Night

Samuel Smith Taddy Porter (14/20)
Pours dark brown with hints of crimson, small/medium sized tan head. Nose is really inviting! Substantial roasted malt present with madiera cake and fruit spice. Palate is much the same, with biscuity malt taking a back seat to coffee roast and hinting fruit preserves. Finish is malty with slight earthy hop bitterness.

Bright Brewery Staircase Porter (13/20)
I’ve had this on multiple occasions (bottled) and its always grumpy and aggressive upon pouring. Colour is dark brown with some ruby highlights, towering tan coloured head. Nose shows dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans. Palate is much of the same with a touch of sweet malt to add balance. Quite lively carbonation. Finishes with dry roasted malt and medium earthy hop bitterness.

Red Duck Queen Bee Honey Porter (12/20)
Poured dark brown with ruby highlights and quite good clarity (when up to light), head formation was limited. Nose is dominated by honey (duh!) and caramel with a hint of toffee. Palate is a little more reserved, as far as the honey goes. Displays an abundance of sweet caramel malt and toffee with a rather short malty finish. (kinda reminds me of an ESB without the substantial bitterness)

Meantime Coffee Porter (14/20)
Pours a very attractive dark brown with ruby highlights sporting a quick fading cream head. Nose displays tonnes of bittersweet roasted coffee beans and some dark chocolate with perhaps a hint of toffee. Palate is more of the same with rather dry earthy hop notes prevalent. Really full flavoured and satisfying!
Usually i’m not a fan of brews that use real ingredients to portray a flavour that should already be present (feel kinda cheated) that said, i thought this was a ripper!



  • Nice notes Chris.

    Chris is the newest Cloudwine staff member. As is evident from his very good writing and tasting notes it will come as no surprise that Chris is now running our beer side of things on a day to day basis. Don't hesitate to email him at for any queries.


    By Blogger Stewart Went, at 9:29 pm  

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