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Monday, July 14, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes - Wicked Elf

Pale Ale (12/20)
Restrained and elegant style compared to most APA beers but regardless well made and enjoyable to drink. Nose shows mild hops, some grapefruit and a rusty metal hint. Hoppy again in the mouth, but the softer fruit notes given way to a slightly abrasive bitter / metallic character. But, well within the boundaries of the style. Well worth a look.

Pilsner (13/20)
Safe, conforming style that clearly gives a nod to the better Kiwi pilsners This is a well made beer. Aromas of citrus fruits and some talcum powder zing, and some underlying sweet fruits. Palate is relatively low fizz but aides the classic bohemian hop flavours nicely. Mild bitter kick on the finish.

Witbier (10/20)
Nearly but not quite. Looks good; big white fluffy head and slightly murky bright orange. Aromas are simple, a touch sweet but effctive with orange lollies and sherbet. Palate simplifies further with fizz and a confectionary orange / citrus note. Thickens slightly on the finish. Nice enough, super friendly, but hard to take seriously.



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