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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cellar Notes - Cantillon Iris

Vintage: 2003
Tasted: May 2008 (16/20)

On tap at the Football Pub in Rome. Best example of Iris in living memory for me; lively, tangy, mild yet balanced sour cut right through the beer. Intriguing aromas of perfumed hops, or so it seems. Vinegar and salty lining to finish. Looks 'middle aged' at 5 years.

Vintage: 2004
Tasted: Jan 2008 (16/20)

A classic of the genre. Pongy, sour and citrus fruits; ultra tangy. Quite and stern sour fruits run right through the palate, all serious stuff. Low fizz, as expected. Has at least 3 years left in it.



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