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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Young's Waggle Dance (10/20)
Big fluffy head on pouring; looks the goods but is short lived. Stale malts on the nose which are really quite lager-like, and just a sliver of honey / fruit. Fairly tame and simple to taste with more real drive from malts and hops, or honey for that matter. A strange sweet malt flavour comes through late, like cheap sugar. Not particularly attractive but not a total disaster.

Guiness Foreign Extra Stout (14/20)
Brewed in Ireland with a BB of Jan 2008. Kept back for about 1 year after purchasing. Great looking beer; dark brown body and a totally delicious choc orange / mocha coloured head. Holds a good creamy body. Chocolate and brandied fruits / fruit cake on the nose, definately hints of barley wine here. This is impressive, aromas-wise, but the flavours don’t really transfer to the palate. ABV is more evident with some burn. Flavours are tight; I get some bitter chocolate and perhaps oak, but there’s not a lot of ’love’ here. Slightly tinny finish. Not sure if the cellaring worked on this occasion.

Bright Brewery Fainters Dubbel (16/20)
A big step forward for strong Australian beers. Although the brewery classifies as a dubbel is really is pushing into a fruity imperial for my tastes (and perhaps the 8.5% abv supports this view). Very much a malt and fruity story with dark liquered fruits that share some ground with a tokay desert wine, but the weight never gets heavy of cloying (notwithstanding the brandied character). Lightens out at the finish before some warming spicey alcohol kicks. The structure is very light and fluffy; a lamb in wolves clothing?



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