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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Brasserie de Silly "Abbaye de Forest" (12/20)
Good old school Belgian blond. massive fizzy head early but settles very quickly. Good lift on the nose with coriander and spice, and perhaps an underlay of candy. Slightly more pedestrian to taste as the sweet spice note character falls away to leave a mildly bitter finish with licorice. Very line and length, and hard not to like a little bit.

Jamieson "The Beast" IPA (15/20)
No doubt this a power style. Masses of sweet hop and marginally less malt impact. Very complete mouthfull right the palate although the sweet heavy weight of the flavour can be a turnoff if you were drinking pot after pot of the stuff. Crap note but I’ll reassess soon. Heaps better on tap.

Island Brew Pale (11/20)
Possibly one of the newest beers in the country and the brewer was kind enough to send a few samples over. Nice looking beers with a thin super-white head and a body of glowing orange / tan colour. Aromas are quite mild with faint hop and sweeter honeyed-like notes. Same story in the mouth; very subtle malts, mild spice and a appealing citrus / honey flavour come through. Seems well built but the flavours need a bit more intensity for this beer to get interesting. Nice to see the beer is truly "local" with the malt and honey contribution coming from Kangaroo Island produce.



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