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Monday, April 09, 2007

Beer News - Macs Beer & The Great Australian Duopoly

f$%$#% it!

Upon reflection I don't know why I even bothered.

We pride ourselves down at Cloudwine on always making an effort to get beers in by request from customers. We've had a number of people wanting to get Mac's in and we were very happy to oblige. Only problem is you have to negate the Goliath that is Lion Nathan's sales team, a particularly non-customer focused bunch. Made us jump through hoops and set up new trade accounts just to get a few bloody slabs.

Anyway - after 3 months of stuffing around we are finally given the green light to order. But guess what??? A deals been done such that only supermaket chain stores Dan Murphy and First Choice have the right to stock them. Nice touch...lessens the price competition nicely. I go to these barns now and again and the with the exception of the odd specials promo you WILL pay more for craft beer, sometimes lots more. But don't take my heavily conflict of interest word for it, check it out for youself.

Over and out.



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