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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Recent Tasting Notes

Weltenburger Kloster Pils (13/20)
Bog standard appearance in every way. Firm tight nose with text book aromas of woody malts and biscuity old hoppy notes. Tight and firm again to drink, some sweetness from the malts early but quickly moves to a bitter hop driven finish. Very straight forward, not exciting, but it works. Quite Czech-like.

Cantillon Kriek (14/20)
(2005 Bottling). Fully loaded hard core lambic style. Very kriek in appearance but nose and palate suggests, strongly, unsweetened lambic. High on acid and tart fruits, right through the nose and palate. Very unyielding right now. One of those rare beers that seems far too young to consume.

Moa Noir (11/20)
Geez, I might know buggar all here (in fact probably do) but I thought this beer drank a little bit better that all the previous ratings on would suggest. Medium chocolate brown, a touch murky, and a faint lightening at the rim. Mild milk chocolate and roast aromas are well balanced. Flavours are quite understated, perhaps due to the high fizz which dumbs the beer down somewhat. Some chocolate lurks in the back palate but the roast really dries out, almost to the point of being a bit astrigent and tinny. Ok but not great, and not really in the class of the other beers from the house.



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