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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Recent Tasting Notes

Maisels Weisse Kristall (11/20)

I reckon it’s tough to get much love from kristalls - just a bit too clean and safe for my liking. This Maisels is a good example that supports my bias. Clear amber yellow with no head, unexciting and macro-like. Pale lager notes on the nose marry with some fruity wheat beer sweetness, that latter done nicely. Ultra clean to taste, more sweet wheat beer notes early followed by a crips and quite cutting, dry palate structure. Flavours tail off noticeably. Almost Asahi-esque in that respect. In fact, probably a very good summer’s day / light dry palate weight alternative.

Aspall Draught Suffolk Cider (12/20)

The most interesting thing about this beer, at least for the Australian contingent, is that Little World Beverages, the owner of Little Creatures, will be importing this cider to distribute on a national basis. To my mind speaks this volumes about where a reasonably influential brewer thinks cider consumption may be heading in Australia. Anyway - onto the beer. Ultra clear pale gold yellow. Nose sends some poor signals; sweet commercial style aromas although to be fair there’s a decent layer of apple fruits underneath. Very sweet early but the bubble help keep the drink from clogging up the palate. Dries out reasonably quickly and the acid and musty, slightly sour apple fruits come into play. Some slight bitterness and drying apple fruits on the finish is a nice touch (and provides some redemption). Not a serious cider by any stretch but will appeal to the broader market.

De Dolle Oerbier (14/20)

Purchased at Regional Wine & Spirits in Wellington (NZ) of all places. (& on a side note they had more Cantillon than I’ve ever seen in Australia). Massive, massive fizzy head, actually so energetic that it was tough to control the poor. Dark amber / chocolate in colour. Sour, salty nose, not unlike a recently consumed Rodenbach Classic. Not at all unpleasant but not typical of the genre. Not disimilar to taste although the textbook comes more into play as the flavours are quite clearly underpinned with a heavy candied and dirty malt component. The salt (& olive) flavours drive a long finish. ABV heat kicks in late and makes a lasting impression.



  • How does the Maisel's Kristalklar compare to the original?

    By Blogger Kris, at 5:46 pm  

  • Kris,

    I see the kristall as a clean, easy drinking style that would work really well in summer with its crisp dry finish. The Original is more heavy on the overt fruitiness and classic hefe flavours of banana and citrus. I reckon the latter is a more interesting beer but both are slightly 'safe' if well made drinks. There may be more bank for your buck with the Weihenstephans.

    By Blogger Stewart Went, at 7:41 pm  

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