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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Winter Warmers fit for a Vi-King

Its getting cold out, so i figured i'd focus on some great imperials from our new Norwegian friends at Nogne O. Their whole range is nothing short of exceptional, with all beers beautifully presented. Something that can sometimes be an unfortunate rarity in craft beer. 

Nogne O/Norrebro Imperial Brown Ale
Interesting concept, that we dont see much of in Oz. Pours hazy brown with a huge tan coloured head that leaves chunky lacing. Nose has massess of roasted nuts with caramel toffee malt in support as well as a surprising degree of US piney/citrus hops. Palate translates well, some fudgy chocolate adds palate weight before the US hops and elevated abv kicks in, the later a little dominating. Great beer, but the pronounced abv on finish is a bit of a kick in the nuts. You've been warned! :)

Nogne O imperial Stout
Pours oil black with a choc-orange coloured head. Nose has masses of dark choc/coffee malt as well as some sweeter molasses notes. Palate has full blown dark, bittersweet roast. There are undertones of choc fudge and sweeter caramel/mollasses but the dark malt provails. Finish is long with lingering bittersweet malt notes, almost bringing a slight tang. There is some residual sweetness that lingers also. Carbonation is low and mouthfeel is quite full, but nothing too excessive. Would probably benefit from some time in the cellar. Regardless, a great imperial stout and can't wait to get into the Dark Horizon #2 in a year or so!

Nogne O/Yoho 2IPA
Pours murky copper/orange with a huge off white head that leaves chunky lacing. Nose is exceptionally well balanced much like the Nogne O regular IPA, except this seems much drier with more bitter grapefruit. Nose has toffee malt (not much sweet caramel for a change!) with layers of citrus fruit. Finishes with high piney hop bitterness. Carbonation is relatively lively which adds to the dry profile. Great alternative to the sometimes over caramelised US-style IPA’s. Brilliant balance and hop impact! 
PS. Believe it or not, Yoho is a Japanse craft brewer!



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