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Saturday, May 02, 2009

BIG Beers to fight the cold!

Three Floyds/Mikkeller Hvedegoop
Was unsure what to expect, being a wheat-wine. Pours slightly hazy red/copper with a nice off white head. Aromas are quite robust, with a very american hop profile - citrus, stonefruit and pine supported by caramel and toffee malt. Also a slight sour dough character hiding beneath the hops. Palate is as expected. Sweet dark malts early before rather aggressive citrus and pine hops take charge. No real sign of wheat that was promised on the nose. Finishes with medium/high pine hop bitterness & a nice abv kick.

Be sure to give this one time, don't drink it too cold! The more i drank it the more i noticed the layers of subtle complexity beneath the overt US hops. I suspect if this was classified as a 2IPA people would be going nuts for it, there are some strong similarities. Semantics aside, i really enjoyed it! Would be interested to see how it ages, i’d expect the wheat characters to become more evident as the hops fade. Watch this space...

Baladin Noel
Pours red/brown body with a nice, solidly packed tan head that stays for some time. Nose has dark malt, both roasty and sweet with dark fruit & spice supporting. Palate translates well with a little more dusty, dark chocolate coming into play. Finishes long with a good balance of lingering sweetness, roasty dark malt and spice. ABV pops up a little towards the end, very nice!

Emersons Taieri George
Pours dark red/brown with a nice tan coloured head. Nose is quite peculier. Very overt spice notes, surely additions and not yeast driven. Clove, nutmeg, cinnamon & perhaps cardomom. Also some fruit cake-like dark malt. Palate tones down the spice notes a touch, allowing the chocolate malt & dark fruit notes to come through. Finishes with lingering spice notes, but not in the traditional phenolic sense. Really interesting!!



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