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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christmas in May/June/July?


Over the past week or so i've had this brew a couple of times and i have to say that im in love! We had it over Christmas and it came in and dissapeared off the shelves without any real fanfare. But this time i've decided to make a big fuss!

From the brewery: “This release is brewed as a “wee heavy” at 8.5% ABV. We aged it on French oak for three months and infused it with a touch of spice. It’s a Christmas pudding in a bottle! Best enjoyed at 12 degrees Celsius from a brandy snifter or red wine glass to fully enjoy its heady bouquet. This beer will age well for several years if kept in a cool, dark place.”

From Slowbeer: Have I gone crazy? Not exactly, I’m well aware it isn’t Christmas, however this beer should certainly make it into your cold weather favourites rotation. Definitely a sipper though!

Pours dark ruby tending to amber with a small cream coloured head. Aromas of fruit and spice are in abundance with support from sweet caramel malt. Palate delivers a great degree of stewed red and dark fruits with caramel upfront, before darker malt carries some sweet toffee. Finishes with significant spice (cinnamon, clove, ginger) and fruity esters, sweet malt lingers. Alcohol is present but handled perfectly for the style.

While on paper it sounds far too sweet to work, the spice presence really brings it up to a whole new level. I would imagine that this isnt too dissimilar to alot of US bourbon barell aged barley wines. Big call i know, but this is really something special!

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