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Friday, January 16, 2009

Cellar Notes - Unibroue Fringante

Bottled: November 2004
Tasted: December 2008 (13/20)

I don't think this beer has changed dramatically over the past 18 months. Appearance as per previous notes although there's plenty of floaties now in the glass. Still a meaty, yeasty, cooked fruits style (ie very Belgian). Finish is relatively modest in terms of intensity although some mild burn from the alcohol lifts the palate a touch. Not sure there is much point cellaring beyond 4 years?

Bottled: November 2004
Tasted: July 2006 (14/20)

Matched the Duvel (glass?) shape well. Big fizzy head, quite creamy in texture early but settles over the 10 minutes and breaks up. Vibrant pale orange, a touch cloudy, very Belgian. Very Belgian again on the nose, rich yeasty notes, and perhaps a trace of nettles of herb hops? Powerful palate; meaty, vegemite like, extracted fruits, earthy malts drive a flavour profile that is also very balanced for a 10%er. Very appropriate fizz levels carry the beer well as I sense it would cloy without the lift from the bubbles. Intensity faded a little over time, forcing a 1 point notch back.



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