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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Recent Tasting Notes

Cascade Lager (4/20)
Oh well! Couldn't really have expected much could I? There is little doubt I can most, if not all crap Aussie macros blind and I'll add this beer to the list. Corney malts provide a slightly stale but bearable flavour profile. Of course the mandatory high fizz levels drown out everything else. A big 'pass'.

Cascade Draught (8/20)
Seems to be the staple tap offering for pubs in Tasmania's south. Quite similar to the forgettable lager model although the malt weight has been stepped up a notch. I thought the tap version was average but this sample, straight from the bottle, showed the same crappy industrial malts but slivers of sweetness and genuine bitterness made this beer acceptable (just!).

Boag's Wizard Smith Ale (11/20)
Must be this mob's best beer? Not much of a claim of course! The Golding hops are used to great effect and provide a very genuine English Ale feel with nice earthy / grainy flavours running right through the palate. Malts revert back to macro averageness and there is too much fizz, but, not a bad effort from these guys.



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