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Monday, January 12, 2009

Beer Travel - Atticus Finch

I think Melbourne has been doing these small bars really well for a couple of years now.

The big difference with Atticus Finch is that much effort is put into the beer, wine and spirits list. Heavy focus on micro and the unusual, including a number of local whisky options! (I have never seen this in town before).

Only 4 beers on taps but good ’uns (inc. 2 x Two Bros). Fair pricing. Great pre-drinks option as there are some cracking eating options very close by. Service is casual and very friendly. I’d rather have a quiet beer here than just about anywhere else in Melbourne.

Decent review from The Age here.............



  • Yeah, I love Atticus Finch. I've always drank wine there because of their tendency towards all things 3 Ravens on tap. 2 Brothers is a welcome change!

    By Anonymous Lach, at 10:37 am  

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