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Friday, April 27, 2007

Recent Tasting Notes

Redoak Holly Porter (16/20)
Excellent pouring, I was so moved by the barman’s efforts that I am compelled to note his efforts (er...efforts noted!). Very dark brown with a fantastically formed 1.5cm head; thick with a rich mocha colour - awesome. Striking aromas of rich chocolate fudge, almost painfully sweet. Underpinned with the slightest hint of burnt roast. Such is the intensity of sweetness on the nose that it would be silly to hope it transfers to the palate - don’t worry - it doesn’t. Milky chocolates early, followed by firming bitterness and mild roast stout notes. A little kick of sweetness to finish. Again it would be great to taste at a warmer temp but make no mistake this is one pretty beer.

Redoak Zest (11/20)
Pristine light amber with a perfectly formed whiter-than-white head. Ginger and spice on the nose, well defined, although not much else gets a look in. More very obvious ginger to taste, reminds me of whole pan-fried fish with a ginger and garlic garnish that you’d find in a decent Thai restaurant. Not a heap of substance behind the original ginger kick however, and it finishes dry and a bit thin. Good enough, but I don’t think the underlying beer is that great.

Redoak American IPA (15/20)
Tough to pick the difference between this beer and the IPA. Beautiful white creamy head and thick lacing. Dark orange in colour with an attractive dark amber glow. Big nose of fruity hops and malt sweetness. Very soft and appealing. Seems to step back a gear to taste although the beer was served too cold (is there a common theme here?). More floral hops poke through later and the beer gets progressively firmer and bitter. Much more balanced than the somewhat abrasive IPA.



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