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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Recent Tasting Notes

Redoak Belgium Choc-Cherry Stout (14/20)
Took me a while to get to this one. Good nose; furry, dustry, musty chocolate. Pongy whiff from the cherry. Good looking beer; very very dark brown and a thin coffee-coloured head. Palate shows a lot of restraint but is quite classy. Chocolate and mint, albeit mild, with a very clear cherry impact - sour and tangy - before a dry and slighty roasty finish. Better than expected.

Redoak Berry Weisse (6/20)
Brand new beer as at mid November (well, it had been on tap for a week or so). Served in a short champagne flute. Bright cherry / red / pink in colour; looks friendly but quite artificial. Red berries on the nose with an underway of fresh vomit (not a bad thing). Soft fruit flavours pop up very early in the palate but come across as dilutive. Tangy berry flavour kicks in but the impact is very modest. Bar guy called it a ’controlled lambic style’, presumably a reference to the low / nil use of wild yeasts. Whatever the approach was it sure didn’t work. Flavours are very mundane, weak, fizzy. Kinda like an underpowered Florisgaarden.

3 Monts (16/20)
Massive, massive pure white head. Dense, powerful, impressive. Aromas are surprisingly restrained; some medicinal notes and a light smokey, flinty character. Quite varietal. Firm flavours right through the palate. Aniseed, some bitterness from the alcohol; quite layered and complex. Fruity edge on the finish is nice, as is the flintly, chalky overlay that runs right through the palate that thickens on the finish.



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