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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Recent Tasting Notes

Jamieson Raspberry (10/20)
This has got to be a better beer than the 8% overall rating on suggests. Dull, dirty blood red, looks serious. Mildly fruited and flavoured nose of raspberry fruits. Subtle flavours to taste, not helped but a fair chunk of fizz. Palate is quite dry through with a hint of bitterness. I can see why people think it’s a crap beer but I really liked the understated and dry structure.

Scheldebrouwerij Witheer (13/20)
I reckon this is pretty good. Murky dull orange, giving the impression it has been subject to low levels of filtering. Nose holds interest; sweet talcum powder and minerals, spice and citrus fruits. Flavours broadly in line with the nose, although the sweet confectionary note gets stronger and is a little off-putting for me.

Anchor Libery Ale (15/20)
Nice ’glowing’ brown with a decent creamy thin head. Hops show through strongly on the nose; resiny, green & sweet herbal fruits, a smokey and almost minerally edge as well. Pretty attractive actually. Palate continues with the hop theme with a slightly hard and bitter finish, and the fainest hint of a fruity malt character you might see in an English bitter. Plenty of fizz, not too much, and a good resiny hop drive on the finish.



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