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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Recent Tasting Notes

Erdinger Champ (6/20)
Amazingly bland wheat beer. Mildy flavoured in every facet and only offers a mildy sticky and sweet corn syrup-like finish. Quite a surprise given most of the other beers from this house are decent.

Zatec Blue Label Pilsner (11/20)
Different take on the text book standard for the style. Fruity, aromatic style on both the nose and palate. Almost like a fruity pale ale of English ale in this respect. Pilsner malts kick in late with very mild bitterness.

Hahn Pale Ale (11/20)
Looks quite good for a beer from this producer; glowing orange with lemon coloured edges and a nice thin creamy head. I think it does have a Coopers-esque nose; sweet citrus and faint estery notes. Palate is ok, more citrus fruity notes (albeit mild) but the sweet syrupy adjunction, corn syrup flavours do detract. Fizz at a good level. Easily the best LN beer I’ve had in recent times.



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