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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cellar Notes - Coopers Best Extra Stout

Bottling Date: Best After June 2006
Consumed: March 2008 (11/20)
Clearly starting to dry out as a 2yr old but this beer is still in good nick. Some lightening at the rim as dark brown fades towards a tokay-like burnt orange brown. Nose is driven by dry roasted malts that are quite mild although a hint of milk chocolate remains. Palate is lean and dry with mild roast and some milder astringency. Certainly fading when I compare to the previous tasting. Notwithstanding hard to be critical given the age.

Botting Date: Best After June 2006
Consumed: July 2007 (12/20)
Poured well again with a big thick coffee coloured head. Didn't last long but looks good. Soft friendly nose of milk chocolates and just the faintest hint of grainy roasted malts. Once again perhaps the palate doesn't stack up to the nose. Some fizz, only a fraction on the high side; this may subdue the chocolate and malt. Medium length and strength finish. Not going anywhere but won't blow your socks off. In good nick for its age (probably 18 months since brewed).

Bottling Date: Best After June 2006
Consumed: August 2006 (12/20)
Pours very nicely with a thick, light tan head. Breaks up very quickly. Attractive chocolate brown in colour. Aromas are a touch underwhelming; mild chocolate and dry roasted malts. Good length. Fairly fizzy palate for the style and probably subdues the flavours from really hitting their straps. Again what should be obvious stout characters of chocolate and roast is mild. Not really deserved of its top 5 Oz status (as per on this tasting. Given this beer was drank relatively young I can only assume in needs a little time to show its best.



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