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Friday, January 22, 2010


Its really great to see this beer back after a couple of years absence from the red duck seasonal line-up. To be honest I had pretty fond memories of it but this years offering exceeds my expectations of that! Though the price has certainly increased, however its quality is very much worthy of the price tag!

Pours almost jet black with the slightest hint of brown around the rim & has a rusty coloured head. Nose has masses of caramel, dark chocolate & roasted coffee as well as a hint of vanilla. Palate is an onslaught of malt, caramel adds a decent amount of sweetness, however the dark choc & roast coffee notes dry it out & bring it all in check. Finishes roasty with a touch of sweetness & abv heat as well as that trademark Red Duck yeast, that works oh so well in their dark beers. Certainly a great cellaring candidate & in my opinion the best local, bottled Imperial Stout around. The brew batch was quite small & very limited so get on it or you’ll miss out!

This beer has an excellent reputation & on many occasions it fails to disappoint. That said, in comparison to the above beer it certainly looks nowhere near as menacing. Dark brown/black pour with a tan coloured head. Nose is again a little tamer though still has the caramel sweetness, dark choc & dry coffee roast tang. Palate is relatively full bodied & translates the nose quite well. Finish is long with dry coffee roast most dominant. Really good imperial stout but just lacks the raw power of the red duck.

Its worked out quite well that for once we are actually comparing apples with apples, same style, same price. If your into finesse, go with the Left Hand as it is a touch more understated but if you want a big, rich & powerful imperial stout then go the red duck. Either way, you wont be sorry!

Mikkel’s Monster
600ml $50.00
Barley wine aged in both port & bordeaux barrels - 13% abv
Beer Geek Breakfast 500ml $16.00
Stout brewed with oats & gourmet coffee – 7.5% abv
Beer Geek Breakfast (Speyside Edition) 500ml $32.00
As above + aged in Speyside whisky casks – 7.5% abv
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel 500ml $32.00
Imperial stout brewed with world’s most expensive ‘weasel’ coffee from Vietnam – 10.9% abv
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Islay Edition) 500ml $40.00
As above + aged in islay whisky casks – 10.9% abv
Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Highland Edition) 500ml $40.00
As above + aged in Highland whisky casks – 10.9% abv
Black 375ml $23.00
Imperial Stout fermented with champagne yeast – 17.5% abv
Black (Cask Peated Edition) 375ml $42.00
As above + aged in peated whisky casks – 17.5% abv
Black (Whisky Edition) 375ml $32.00
As above + aged in whisky casks – 17.5% abv
Black Hole 375ml $20.00
Imperial Stout brewed with gourmet coffee, oats, honey & vanilla – 13.1% abv
Big Worse 375ml $19.00
US inspired Barley Wine – 12% abv
Santas Little Helper 750ml $30.00
Belgian Strong Dark Ale spiced with orange & coriander – 10.9% abv
Drink Your Sorrows Away 375ml $32.00
Belgian Strong Dark Ale - 12% abv
Stateside IPA 500ml $15.00
US inspired IPA, hopped with chinook, cascade & amarillo – 7% abv
Green Gold 660ml $20.00
US inspired IPA, hopped with simcoe, amarillo & cascade – 7% abv
Single Hop Nelson Sauvin IPA 330ml $10.00
IPA hopped solely with NZ’s nelson sauvin – 7% abv
Drikkeriget GIPA 330ml $12.00
German IPA hopped with Tomohawk & Tettnang – 6.6% abv
The American Dream 330ml $10.00
Pilsner hopped to the hilt with US varieties traditionally used in IPAs – 4.6% abv
Draft Bear 750ml $30.00
Imperial Pilsner – 8% abv
Drink'n in the Sun 330ml %7.00
Heavily hopped wheat beer – 3.9% abv

Imperial Stout
500ml $16.00
Imperial Stout (Highland Edition) 500ml $22.00
Stout aged in highland whisky casks – 9% abv
God Jul 500ml $15.00
US inspired dark winter ale
God Jul (Islay Edition) 500ml $22.00
As above + aged in islay whisky casks – 8.5% abv
Tyttebaer 500ml $16.50
Collaboration with Mikkeller, resulting in a cranberry lambic – 8% abv
NO Special Holiday Ale 500ml $17.50
Collaboration with Stone & Jolly Pumpkin (US), resulting in spiced ale with chestnut, sage & juniper
– 9% abv
Andhrimnir Barleywine 500ml $16.50
Brewed by the Norwegian National Homebrew Champion at Nogne-O – 10% abv
India Pale Ale 500ml $14.50
#100 500ml $16.00
Hybrid between the IPA, Porter & Barley wine styles
Imperial Brown Ale 500ml $14.50
God Paske 500ml $14.50
Belgian Strong Dark Ale brewed for the Easter period
Underlig Jul 500ml $12.50
Spiced Christmas ale similar to very popular Scandinavian mulled wine - 6.5% abv
Sahti 500ml $17.00
Collaboration with Dugges (SWE), resulting in
traditional Finnish ale brewed with honey & juniper
Tiger Tripel 500ml $16.00
Belgian style tripel
Julesnadder 500ml $12.00
Porter 4.5% abv

We expect these beers to arrive with us in about a week or so, though as usual they wont stay on our shelves for long! Thus, we will be taking pre-orders on a first come first serve basis. If your keen to try some of these brilliant brews email: with your wishlist ASAP!

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